Friday’s Fun

The big NSRA Nationals in Louisville is coming up next week and the discussion still revolves around how many early rods will be in attendance. With over 10,000 cars, I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about. The Midwestern states have tons of traditional cars and they won’t miss the event because of a few late models. Late model hot rods are the future of the sport. We should realize that time moves on and the love of the old Fords and Chevrolets moves up to later models. The fifties through the seventies provide a younger builder with lots of choices to pursue when selecting his hot rod. If you look at the magazine coverage and the products being offered by the formally dedicated hot rod shops around the country, you will see they have adjusted their business model to include later models cars. In fact, some don’t offer solid axle parts. Owners of Mustang’s, Camaro’s and Tri-five Chevrolets are high on the manufacturers list of markets to go after. Success in building your business is knowing your market and not sticking to your personal taste.

In the West, we have the GG’s coming up in next month and they too have adjusted their thinking about attracting participants, vendors and spectators. While the GG’s in P-Town is a huge event, it is small by comparison to the NSRA Nationals in Louisville. I plan to attend this year after staying away for a couple of years. I think I will be able to see enough of my style cars to make me happy and provide lots of photo opportunities. The compact fairgrounds is just right for my walking ability and there is plenty of shade to rest my weary feet after a few hours of walking. I know I will be satisfied looking at all the woodies that show up for this great show.

I feel we should continue to support these shows as it would be a dull sport if we didn’t have the large organizations planning and conducting the events for us to enjoy.

Have a great weekend and take the grandkids to a car show.

Stay Tooned!


Steve is teasing me by sending photos of the nice tudor he looked at a few weeks ago. Nice stance.

Here is a nice 40 convert that has been for sale for a long time. It is a nice one but the economy is driving prices down not up.

It is nice to see some of the young guys building the old Fords. He is having fun in his T on Deuce rails. Flatheads will never die.

Leg room is ample but tight so he installed a Fat Man steering wheel.

Yes, some younger fellows are building the old traditional rides and are doing it in style. This high end build has all the good stuff that screams traditional.

This is the modern approach to a traditional interior. Rivets are high in demand in these cars.

When you need comfort you ride in a woody. Ruby was a great riding wagon that cruised all day long at 70 mph.

Here is a perfect ride for Malibu. This Folkstone Gray 40 woody was the hit of the show and was basically stock with a hot flathead mill and a red Christmas wreath.

The power was more than adequate for the cruise up PCH along the ocean. Look at the three carbs and red block.

Nick had a first class 36 roadster at his open house. I would add a rubber rake and nothing else to this one.

Flatheads in a 40 can look very nice when detailed like this one. I would use the Powermaster alternator to make it look like a generator.

Today’s Sedan

I like the construction photos of the Brizio built hiboy sedan for Mariani. The black paint is perfect.

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