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I was up early to take advantage of the “Early Bird Special” at the local GMC-Buick dealer.  We are getting ready to head to the Bay area and I wanted to have the oil changed and tires rotated.  The dealer lives a couple of houses over from me and told me about the deal.  I like to keep the car serviced as required and I thought $30 bucks sounded good.  While I was waiting I walked around the dealership looking at the new 2012 pickup trucks.  I really miss my truck and hopefully I can purchased another one this year.  The problem with the trucks, other than being expensive, is that they average about 15 mpg which is way too little for me.  I guess I will keep looking until the right one comes along.  I am not a used car buyer (except old Fords) as I have always had a new car and truck every three months for over 30 years.  GM was good to their employees but now I have to buy them and the deal is different.  I think retirement should include a car or truck for life. Pensions are being reduced not enhanced.

Yesterday, I tackled the steering column again and thanks to Tim I was able to solve the problem of using the long shaft on my 525 box.  I was ready to cut the column some more when I thought it just didn’t seem right I would have to do this.  A quick call to Tim, who has built many forties, confirmed that I was headed in the wrong direction.  I adjusted the u-joint as he suggested and presto everything fit as it should.  Thanks Tim for your help.  Networking is the best source of information when you are not sure of something.

I have no planned car activities this weekend but may tackled the installation of the rear springs on Andre.

Have a great weekend and take the wife or girlfriend out to dinner in your hot rod. If that fails take the grandkids.

Stay Tooned!



I kind of miss my old sedan but the current owner has no plans to sell it.  The chop was perfectly done with a gas welder.  A no rust body and original chassis made it special to me.

No Henry didn’t build this one but someone in LA a few years ago built a super tudor phaeton out of a sedan.  You really need the convertible cowl to pull it off.

As you know my first delivery was a 34 and I still love them.  The 33 is a really rare bird.  Rough looking and priced at $30K this may be the one to bring back to life for some collectors.  Roy could make it perfect.

I shot this one at P-Town a few years ago.  Wire wheels add to the flavor but I like the rubber running boards better on these deliveries.

I have seen this coupe at several events so he must drive the car all over the place.  People stop and look at this 40 due to its history and patina.

Forty Ford builders use the ash trays for all kinds of things.  Here they have milled slots for the A/C hose.  I do believe the 40 dash is the most popular dash in all hot rods not just forties.

Tim suggested I slid the u-joint down on the splined shaft and not cut the column.  I was going to shorten the column as marked. Instead I will slide the joint up to meet the column and then the splines won’ t protrude into the inner socket.  The nickel joint is from CPP and worked perfect.  Note the bearings can be replaced as the caps are held into place with a button head screw.

I pressed the Delrin bushing into the column for a nice tight fit.  I am waiting for the 40 wheel.

The standard model is preferred by many forty lovers.  Bob builds them both ways and has customers for both.  I am a Deluxe fan myself.

I do prefer the standard dash panel and briarwood brown paint.  I am not sure what size the wheel is but it looks stock to me but is a Deluxe model with the rings.

Bob has completed the exhaust system and brakes on his sedan.  He also converted from a 4-speed to a 350 automatic.

I removed Andre’s headliner bows in order to sand the surface rust from the roof.  I will replace the wood strips but save the cross bows.  Coupes and sedans used metal rods to secure the headliner.

Today’s Forty Convert…..dreaming!

I am a simple guy with simple needs.  This would make me a perfect “Office” company car.  No A/C, NO power anything….just plain cool.

The perfect under the hood SBC for showing off simplicity at its best.  I would keep the generator and stock radiator.  This is the way it was done in your own garage with no iphone to order parts.

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