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I’m dealing with some residual of the knee surgery so I will make it short tonight. The SEMA show always brings forth some really quality cars from the professional builders and this year was no exception. I would have liked to be there but the old knee didn’t cooperate with my mind. I will share a few of the entries in the booths for your viewing.

Since I have to sit quite often, I took a look at Roy Brizio’s site and liked of couple of his current cars in progress. Both are Deuces which is no surprise for Roy. He is the master of building Driving Deuces. I included a Duvall windshield roadster as I do like the look of the 80’s. Maybe someday I will attempt another roadster with the Duvall.

Have a great weekend!

Stay Tooned!



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Roy is building a very traditional Deuce with a Duvall windshield which I have always liked. Bill donated one to me so I need a Deuce roadster body to fit it to.  Make sense to me.


Very traditional roadster with Brizio quality incorporated throughout the build. I know everyone has  one in their garage but Roy keeps cranking them out for well heeled customers.


How about a stainless steel top for the Duvall windshield. $10K and you can have one. The look is right on the money for me.


Here is an earlier version of the famous Duvall windshield.


The Vicky customer likes older styling such as 36 bones and A springs.


He also builds some really nice Vicky’s in his shop. If you visit his website you see all of his hundreds of high end builds.


Jim has a nice 34 Phaeton for sale and it is a great driver.


I had a Potter Trunk on my sedan. I fell in love with Jim Smith’s 34 sedan with one installed. Finding one today with the correct bumper brackets and latches is difficult.


HHR’s 36 was looking good at SEMA 2016. The car was a AMBR contender this year.


Chris Coddington had his restored Boydster on display. Boyd would have been proud of him continuing the tradition.


A wild 51 shoebox was wowing the crowds at SEMA 2016.


If Deuces don’t excite you, then this nice 40 coupe will increase your heart rate for the day.


Here is another SEMA 2016 Deuce eye catcher.


I watched young Chucky Lombardo build his roadster over the years at California Street Rods. Woody Gilmore was working there at the time and designed the front coil-over suspension. Still going strong with Charlie in the Bay Area Roadsters.


Another SEMA 2016 Deuce roadster that looks fresh.


My friend George loves these wheels and now they are reproducing them for the public. SEMA 2016.


Trucks are always popular at SEMA and this beige beauty was perfect.


Jack built this steel hiboy using a Lobeck chassis and it ended up with Tom who turned it loose and I haven’t seen it since. Nice ride.

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