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As we enter into the pinnacle of the summer touring season for our great hobby, we begin to feel the pressure of which events do we need to or want to attend. Every weekend is full of activities that we would like to be a part of, but often have to limit our choices due to many circumstances. Events such as Goodguy’s in Columbus and NSRA’s Louisville meet, always draw huge crowds and enable you to receive more bang for your buck. If you take the family and call it a vacation, as I used to do, then it becomes a family affair and fits in the household budget. If you are a member of a club, then most of us have been going to these venues as group for many years and have developed life long friends. If you are a lone wolf, then you probably will enjoy just seeing what you like and doing what you feel like each day, rather than a group’s activities. Some die hards, hit all the events possible and stay on the road all summer — I envy them for their stamina. Whatever route you choose, drive your car and enjoy the season as often as you can. Staying at home and procrastinating won’t accomplish your goals. Make the effort and share your story with your friends.

Deuce lovers from all over will be hitting the road to Vancover, BC to enjoy Northwest Deuce Days with hundreds of other fans of the iconic Deuce. This adventure will not be for those of you who fear driving long distances or crossing the boarder. This trip may be one you will want to cross off your bucket list as the beautiful city of Victoria provides something for everyone. Taking your Hot Rod across the water on the Ferry boat filled with Hot Rods will not soon be forgotten. There is something about a Ferry boat floating across the water loaded with Hot Rods that makes you feel a little anxious but curious — similar to crossing over a long span bridge several hundred feet above the ground — Don’t look down! The experience awaits you and your Hot Rod so head up to show July 22-24, 2016 and have fun.

Locally, our Journey to Solvang will be next Tuesday for a meeting with the Central Coast Roadsters and some Solvang folks who love roadsters. We should have a good turnout and a memorable trip up the scenic Pacific Coast Highway.

Have a fabulous weekend driving your Hot Rod to one of the many events taking place this summer.

Stay Tooned!






“Be There!”


Sometimes a very nice older build becomes available like this Deuce Tudor. See the For Sale Section.


The Eastwood chassis provides excellent ride and stance. This style is always popular with the Deuce lovers.


Joe has a super nice sedan that Reed’s Design put their touch on for the ” Stance!”


The stock Deuce sedan makes a wonderful Hot Rod to take those long trips to Vancouver.


You are welcome to drive other years to the show also. Lots of room for luggage in the deliveries.


SO-CAL installed an LS3 in this beauty for some serious road kill.


Originally from Napa, CA this 34 is now in Japan but could make the trip back across the ocean for the show.


Following a beautiful 3-window down the road will stick with you all the way to Vancouver.


Ryan and Brian are taking extra tires to make sure they make it all the way.


I love this photo of a true classic Deuce 3-window…Perfect!


Like the LARS, there will be lots of roadsters in Canada.


A classic ride is this roadster with fenders and wires. Nice!


The Bop Top will keep the passengers protected from the elements on the long trip. Sid also makes side curtains for the ladies.


I have always liked this black on black Deuce with perfect sheet metal and always spotless.


Same will probably not make it but don’t let that flathead fool you. He can run with the best of them.


Yes, black is the color for a Deuce just add some Dow 7 to the wheels and you have the look!


The Deuce Phaeton is a favorite of mine also. Security is a problem with these rides.


Doug is close so he may head up to the big show. He has the trunk for security.


I was hoping Steve would purchase his old Phaeton back and enjoy the ride but he is busy with his Deuce woody project.

Van 054

George has his delivery finished and will be making the trip to Vancouver and beyond. He has confidence in his flathead.

Cameron 12-19-14 027

The final touches were the graphics and striping.

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