Friday’s Fun

Fun day today — I spent the entire day working and accomplished nothing. It all started at the “Office” when Bob-O asked me to help him set up his new Lincoln TIG welder. I was eager to see how the digital unit worked so we hooked it up and thought we were ready to weld. The tungsten would not stay in the torch head no matter how hard we tried to tighten the collet. I have a water cooled TIG torch that is different from the non-cooled torch but the tungsten collet is the same. We finally went back to the welding shop and had them show us what was wrong. It turns out in these new torches you have to really tighten the brass insert in the handle prior to installing the collet and tungsten. I thought we did that but soon learned that you really have to tighten the unit or the clamping process won’t work. We will try the new machine tomorrow.

I had to leave and locate some hole saws with a 1/2″ arbor hole which is impossible in our area. All holes saws I looked at in the 1 1/2″ diameter were drilled 5/8 x 18. I finally found online, an adapter to use with the small diameter (1/2 x 20) tubing notcher spindle that Bob loaned me. Of course, I had to order it, so again no progress on the tubing X-member today. I should confess that using a chop saw for notching tubing did not work for me. I could never get the tight gap right so I gave in to the Eastwood tubing notching that Bob offered to loan me.

With most of the day wasted, I did manage to finish up the Vega steering mount and welded on the bushings. It was a great day for learning and keeping the mind and body busy. Tomorrow will bring more excitement in the world of Pewsplace.

See you in Dana Point for October Wood on Saturday.

Stay Tooned!



Terry had a friend stop by in this stock 34 phaeton. I would hate to change anything on this one. Too nice!


My father loved GM cars and in my early years he owned a used 47 Cadillac convertible like this one.


In the 6o’s I would have loved to do this to mine but College and lack of funds kept getting in the way.


Here is another “Fat Girl” for those of you who want a comfortable riding Hot Rod.


Here is my challenge. I must notch the tubes to fit the cross tube.


Using the chop saw method to create the notch didn’t meet my expectations for a good weld gap. I could have gone ahead and welded the tubing but I wanted a tighter fit.


I now have an Eastwood notcher to try and improve the fit. I am glad I allowed some extra room on the legs for my mistakes.


I did finish the Vega mounting bracket for the steering box. I need to rebuild the box or buy a new one.


I also started the other bone after repairing the bow in the middle. Lots of work but I like the look.


Joe wanted a model 40 and put this one together in his spare time. I would take one in any shape.


This one is all reproduction steel and has the look I like on the model 40 hiboy.IMG_3619

Bobby has the team to do a perfect chop on the Brookville 3-window. Expensive but flawless!


I do love the all Black 40 rags with a slight rake and super straight body panels. Top down for me on a 40.

Friday’s Forties


Long time friend and 40 lover, Sandy, shows off her trophy for “Girlie” which was built by my friend Gary.


Here is another winning 40 coupe in classic Black and no red steelies!

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