Friday’s Fun

The wife and I were up early today and headed to Solvang to see Steve and pick up some parts. The drive up the coast, early in the morning, offers both fog and bright sunshine against the gleaming Pacific ocean. It is only about a one and half hour drive and is a favorite of our Roadster Boys. We unfortunately were in Jane’s Denali but still, we were again, amazed at the beautiful drive. We arrived at Steve’s, picked up the parts and soon were heading back down the coast. We did manage to stop for some of Solvang’s famous pastries to drive our sugar count up — but you can’t go to Solvang and not try some of the best pastries on the West coast. We arrived back home after stopping at Famous Dave’s BBQ for a nice Brisket lunch. Yes, some days are just better than others and today was one of them. Thanks Steve for helping with the loading.

We are heading down to Newport tomorrow and again will be traveling PCH for another scenic drive. I need to get a roadster to enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having. Temperatures in the 80’s & 90’s this time of year are truly a sign of “Global Warming”. While in Newport, we plan to stop by some of the old hang outs, see some of our long time friends, some who have hot rods — and just enjoy the area. I will take some photos for Monday’s blog. We should stay the weekend for the HB Cruisers, but we are traveled out for this week.

I received some nice photos from Phil and will share them with you today. I appreciate all the photos everyone sends me and try to use all of them. Sometimes it takes me a while, due to the volume, but I do keep them on file.

Have a wonderful weekend and watch a little basketball for a change.

Stay Tooned!


Roy's 3-18-2010 078

Not your ordinary hot rod — I have seen several Hollywood Graham’s over the years that were stunning cars.

Roy's 3-18-2010 068

Roy has some interesting projects in his shop like this 34 phaeton.

Roy's 3-18-2010 066

I am seeing more and more 32-34 Ford pickups being built in the shops today. Maybe UPI will have complete bodies soon to increase the supply side of the equation. These 33/4 bodies fit on 32 frames but the cabs have some differences, mainly the firewall and cab belt lines. This is a 34 cab.

Roy's 3-18-2010 056

This is Andy’s old roadster in for some repairs and inspection. Jorge did own this car but I am not sure who owns it now.


HHR always builds something a little different for their customers. I watched this one over a period of time as they added some very never seen before touches — which they are noted for. Note how high the wheel wells have been raised.


Here is another Deuce with the raised wheel wells. I know this is a lot of work to make the large diameter rear tires look correct, but I doubt that most would go to these extremes.


Cory runs the large diameter tires and maintains the stock wheel wells.

Roys 11-15-2014 040

Roy has done several raised wheel wells on some of his roadsters. This one is minimal and is hard to detect.



Some of us like the original sun visors on our Deuces and they are hard to find as originals. Kugel has you covered with his reproductions. Remember there are a couple of styles depending on you header panel. The Three window is different.


Here is another style your sedan or 5 window may have.


Thanks to Brandon in Montana, I now have a real nice 34 Ford hood. Now for a nice original painter grille shell.

Friday’s Feature

Billy's Shop 3-14-2015 004 (11)

Billy Ganahl, at South City, is working on Darryl and Terry’s, Cory built, Deuce roadster. This is the first photo I have seen of the color on the traditional style roadster. I did see the You Tube video of the first drive test.

Billy's Shop 3-14-2015 004 (16)

I love the paint contrast and the high gloss paint on the Lincoln hubs and backing plates. I am a no chrome person for most cars.

Billy's Shop 3-14-2015 004 (17)

Cory installed the Enos panel as well as the 40 X-member in the SO-CAL chassis.

Billy's Shop 3-14-2015 004 (19)

The front suspension and brakes exhibit the same high quality gloss black paint work of Darryl’s shop.

Billy's Shop 3-14-2015 004 (20)

The Edelbrock crate motor should keep up with traffic while cursing the coast.

Billy's Shop 3-14-2015 004 (26)

These nifty tie rod fasteners are facilitated by Cory’s wishbone adapters which provide a smooth transition plus a threaded stud. I am going to order a pair.


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