Friday’s Fun

Working on the last minute details to prepare Pepe for the 40 is 75 display at this GNRS has been a lot of fun. I try to keep everything in working order throughout the year but somethings like paint touch up, upholstery cleaned, undercarriage polished (Heidts SS front suspension) and a host of other things sometimes get neglected when you drive them almost everyday. I finished the final task today of looking at the battery, which is located under the passenger fender well, to see if I could disconnect it as required for the show rules. I made a quick call to both Gary, who built the car, and Inglese to check about the battery disconnect and possible harm to the ECM. Both ensured me it would do no harm to the computer electronics. I later talked to George who informed me of a solution to the ECM problem. You simply plug in a 9 volt battery to the cigar lighter and that maintains the juice while the battery is disconnected. I didn’t know that – so thank you George. The final big item is the back door which I hope is ready by this afternoon. I saw the photo of the shiny paint so it should be ready to go. So far we have had not cancellations for the display so those of you who are waiting it doesn’t look like we will have any openings.

I am headed to my 50th Anniversary Reunion with my SAE fraternity brothers in Palm Springs, so next week will packed full of activity for Pewsplace. I will try to post some photos of set up day and some special cars but I can’t promise anything for sure. Enjoy yourself and take the wife/girlfriend out to dinner in your hot rod (weather permitting).

Stay Tooned!



I have to remove the inner splash guard (3 nuts) and the battery can be accessed for disconnect or maintenance. Granted, you must lay on the ground but it only takes about 5 minutes to remove the guard.


The back cargo area cleaned up real nice. Thanks Jane! I have never hauled anything in here but blankets and chairs so it stays really nice.


I cleaned and polished the aluminum the best my old back would let me do. Inglese now makes some filters to push in the stacks. I will order a set while at the show since they are always represented in the vendor area.


Walden will be on hand to show off some of their outstanding network such as seen on this 34 coupe.


I showed you the coupe a few days ago that HHR was building for a customer. Here is a look at the amazing chassis work they do. Hundreds of hours are required to do this kind of work. The mounting of the QC is very unique and an interesting method to use with the quarter eliptics.


Ruby is back on the road after having some radiator work done. John has kept her in great shape and can now drive the coast.


Here is and old photo of a 34 tub with a padded style top. Note the size of the louvers in the hood…huge.


Here is a modern day version of Bruce’s 33 phaeton with slightly chopped windshield. I think this version is one of the best I have seen. What a beautiful car.


Since BJ cars are bringing big bucks this year, look for prices to soar this spring for nice hot rods. Don’t expect $350K but maybe some where in the lower 6 figures might be a target to shoot for…Oh!….thats only at BJ where the pick of the little can bring that kind of money.


Boyd built one of the first 32 Woodies for Don Smith back in the 80’s and it was a big hit. Walt owned it for a spell and then a Japanese customer purchased the car and still owns it as far as I know. The seating was very tight in the front seat. Dan Drum did the interior in Boyd’s shop. The chassis was a straight axle built by Brizio. Walt now has another Deuce Woody and will be improving the cockpit comfort with some nice bucket seats. Centerlines with real knock-offs were the rage of the wealthy customers of Boyds. I had a set of fake ones Reed Lillard made for me.

Friday’s Friends 


Here are some of the “Back Road Boys” at Toppers Tuesday which is our weekly Pizza and Beer emporium run. We keep the flame going for as long as we can. Ruby wore blackballs in those days. Next trip is coming up on February 3, 2015. Santa Barbara and the Boathouse plus a private collection tour. Don’t miss it.

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