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The SEMA show is winding down and was bigger than ever this year. Several builders submitted their cars for the competition which was narrowed down to 10 finalist and one grand winner will be selected today. This is a new feature this year. I did notice that Troy Trepanier (Rad Rides) was in the top 10 with his 32 roadster submission. The car that many people were discussing was the Bruce Canepa car built by Moal’s out of Oakland, CA. Steve builds some outstanding cars and different from most you see. Bruce’s car is a Deuce 4-door with lots of Moal’s touches. I am sure it will be a feature in the magazines in a few months. The show is so big you have to be selective what you want to see as the walking is horrendous for us old guys. I keep saying I will attend again but so far I have missed the last 5 years. Maybe next year!

I spent this morning at the sheet metal shop learning how to figure the flat sheet size for some U-channel I am having made. I have it in my mind that I can make my own X-member for my next project. I used to have the channels made up all the time in the 70’s but round tubing took over and I forgot how to make them. Scott, at Roscoe Sheet Metal, was very helpful in calculating the correct size. I learned a lot and headed down the street to Industrial Metal to have them make me the pieces required. I was in a hurry so I will pick them up tomorrow and drop them off at RSM. A good rule of thumb for calculating flat sheet size is to subtract the thickness of the metal for outside dimensions and add them for inside dimensions. The 90 degree bend stretches the metal putting the outside bend in tension and the inside bend in compression with a neutral axis in the middle. Confused – I was but soon I was on tract. I won’t go into details but I plan to a full thread on the HAMB when finished.

I have a photo of my work on Pepe’s back door for you today. I am being careful to not disturb the underlying surface where I don’t have to. I may end up striping the entire door to bare metal but I hope note. I am not a paint expert but I do know what they mean by saying too much primer and paint will certainly fail prematurely. I am having fun and have learned a great deal today. My father used to tell me that you are never too old to learn something each day. He taught me well and I continue to adhere to his lesson.

I am still awaiting some more details on the GNRS 40 Ford display. Maybe next week I will have more information for you.

It is 92 degrees here today and I am thinking about a roadster ride this weekend. How about you?

Stay Tooned!



Bruce’s four door Deuce made a good impression on the crowds at SEMA. Lots of subtle touches including a mild chop. Bob-O should have keep his cherry pie mor-door Deuce. A traditional chassis with a front buggy spring and coil-over rear make it a favorite of mine.


Ron Francis won a best new product award for his “Blackbox” relay system. I need one of these in Pepe.


Nothing like stopping at Johnny Rockets for a quick juicy hamburger and malt. Sherm’s delivery is one of the best.


If you can’t find a 34 truck you like make one from a 4 door.


No small task but this builder knows what he is doing. Rodding USA has the details on this unique build.


Dave is considering a Columbia for his Deuce. He is going with a modified 40 unit. Note the severe shock angle.


Here is a better photo of a 46-48 unit modified to fit in a Deuce. Note that the tube has been adapted to the Columbia housing.

2014-11-04 180501

For those of you who want to full floating 3/4 ton style axle here is  a nice set up using special adapters in the 40 housings.


I received this photo of a complete make over of a very nice 34 sedan delivery. The car sure brings back memories of my first delivery.

Jim's 40

My blog on 4o coupes sparked a lot of memories from my readers. Jim has built several over the years and this is his current standard model. One of the best.


Mel has owned this one since the 60’s and still is having fun with his 40 coupe.

HAGERMAN 2014 002

Lou has owned more 40’s than most and this is his current pair of desirable coupes.

bill's std in Reno

Sometimes you can just stand back and take a long look at 40 coupes that have everything you like and a Deuce in the background.

Friday’s Photo Winner


Never a fun time unless he just wanted to look at your car not your driver’s license. Looks like a Dearborn Deuce so it must be a recent build.



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