Friday’s Frustrations

I have been working on Andre’s steering column and finally have it ready to install. The hang up was keeping the stock horn button and having it work as normal. Tim sent along some ideas, I talked to Frantic about how he did them and finally called the Limeworks for a solution.  They sell a retro kit to install the stock horn system with the wire running down the center of the shaft. You have to drill a small hole (for the horn wire) in the shaft itself and another hole in the column to install the pickup for the horn relay ground.  The column mounted pickup comes with a spring that keeps contact with the shaft at all times.  I think they used this set up on Clark forklifts but I can’t remember.  I asked them to make me a couple of them for Bob O and I.  We need a trip to the Limeworks and breakfast at the drugstore.  I should have an article ready by next Friday.

The Winfield Kustom show, the Road Kings show at Santa Anita and the Farmers Insurance show are being held this weekend.  The weather is perfect for the fall shows and Jane and I plan to take in at least the local ones.  Ruby is starting perfect every time and I hope that continues.  I cleaned her up this morning and she is ready to go.

I talked to Pete and Jakes yesterday and they still stock all the traditional parts for a solid axle car which is what I prefer.  As mentioned yesterday, I am going to purchase a couple of sets of everything for inventory.  I may have one of two more builds left in me before I call it quits.  Don’t tell my wife.

Have a wonderful fall weekend.

Stay Tooned!


Steve makes the super traditional columns and they come with horns installed.  He will sell you the kit for your stock column and they work perfect per Steve.

Here is another one from the HAMB but it is too obtrusive for Andre.  He is not that kind of guy.

I haven’t seen this little track T in awhile but it has some LA history and the best lines you could ask for.

Bob and Sandy have the perfect Porsche blue Deuce sedan.  He puts whitewalls on every car he owns.  Coker loves him.

This is a very clean banjo set up that HHR built for a customer.  Note the Halibrand “no-change” QC center section.  Neat.

The 37 Woody makes a nice ride and provides lots of room for the gang or grandkids.

SO-CAL built this classic 5 window several years ago.  I have not seen it this year but when I do I spend a lot of time looking at the details.

Terry has built some great looking hot rods in his past.  Mint green really grabs you as you walk by the car.  You will take a second look at this one.

Today’s 40 coupe….dreaming!

Don has one of the best 40 coupes around.  CMG and perfect makes you want to take this one home with you or at least ask for a date.

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