Friday’s Frustrations

The “Office” was empty and Michelle said that Bob-O would be arriving later as he attended the Valley V8’s function this morning. I was headed to Industrial Metal for some more supplies for the frame jig but needed a cup of decaf to jump start my day. Bob-O soon arrived and we discussed the 40 pickup rage that seems to be growing. This popular truck commands some big dollars in the market place even for a builder project. Bob-O has owned his for many years and has performed many changes such as — chopping the top, dropped axle, Columbia rear axle, 40 passenger car dash and many other cool ideas like a white tonneau cover. He is now considering having the interior done in black roll and pleats with some piping. He plans to also add a more upgraded flatty but that can wait. It seems we all love to keep changing our rides to suit our needs or better yet— because we our Hot Rodders.

I continued on to IMS and picked up some metal for the jig. I was back home and working in the garage by noon. As mentioned, I have never used a frame jig previously. I normally am a quick study since I have done several frames over the years. I have used ASC rails for the 32 without any problem but never the 34 rails. My first challenge was to pull/push the rails into the shape outlined on the Wescott diagram for the model 40. I always use this information to make spreader bars for each body bolt hole. For some reason, this was not and easy task on these rails. I even called ASC to see if they had any information or feedback concerning the body hole dimensions listed by Wescott. They said they did not and were very helpful but thought my chassis measurements were in line with their drawing. I took out all of the cross braces and decided to start over fresh tomorrow with a clean sheet of paper. I will figure this one out by measuring a stock 34 chassis my friend has in his garage.

I am happy to report that Pepe is not leaking any water so far and I hope the loose manifold bolts were the problem. I will stop by Fred’s and get his advice as he knows everything. I may have a minor tune up done prior to our next “Back Road Boys” trip in April. I have found a young man who is an expert on EFI systems. That’s it for tonight as it has been along day.

Take the hot rod out for a drive this weekend.

Stay Tooned!



I though this little 29 was well done and would make a super nice roadster to drive to the “Office”. Do you suppose he has tire chains for better traction in that white stuff!


The Coleman coupe is one of my favorites and has been given a fresh re-do.


Here is another favorite look of mine. Poor photo quality due to speeding pass the photographer.


Bob reports that his old delivery is now back with Lobeck’s son. I think Barry sold it to Pete a few years ago….small world.


Some of my friends are staying the winter in FL and sent along a photo of the delicious lunch they enjoyed at the Ford’s Garage. Looks yummy!


sometimes my garage becomes consumed with too many projects — and why is it the air compressor hose is always tangled around something when you need it.


I always try to smile when the wife asks me to straighten up the garage….yes dear!


Dave would like a Columbia under his new Deuce sedan but they can be temperamental  and pricey.


The FAST system still is working flawlessly but I think it could be running stronger with a tune up. I also want to add some filters in the stacks like Ryan installed on Jim’s 40 woody.


Bob-O’s classic 40 will never change on the exterior. This is his trademark. I like it!


I love the 40 passenger car dash that Scott installed. Looks right at home.


CW also has a long term 40 pickup he is working on. Chopped and dropped with quality workmanship make this one a sure winner when completed.


Here is a sneak peek of what the finished product looks like. Note the Stude tail lights and wood sign boards.


Another perfect 40 truck that is my wife’s favorite.

Today’s Wants and Needs!


Thom did this sketch for his friend and I have kept it in my files for many years. We need to see more of Thom’s work but he is busy with Hot Rod this days.


Model 40 items that make a hiboy out of any body style. Inner fender panels are hard to locate in good shape.


The wall hanger is what will cost you the money if you can locate one in good shape like this one. 34’s are more easily located.


The rare 33 hood is even more difficult to locate. Louvers make a statement that you have something under your hood.


Real windshield posts are hard to come by and also very pricey. They are made of steel not brass.

Rootlieb Hood 003

The 34 hood is also required if you are building a 34. The hoods are different in length due to the grille differences.


I like the SO-CAL axle for several reasons but the design is the main reason.

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