Friday’s Frustration

I have talked about Pepe’s tail light problem previously and thought I had it solved but after all the work involved in changing the bulb. The light still does not light when I turn on the switch. My test light indicates there is no power to the tail light pigtail and all the wires are behind the upholstery so I can’t see where the problem is in the crossover wire. Removing the upholstery is not an option in my mind so I will spend today trying to figure out where the connection is bad or add a new wire. Little problems like this make maintaining a hot rod a challenge. As much as I would rather be doing something else, I need to focus on the problem at hand. A sure way to get stopped in a car like Pepe is to have one of the tail lights inoperative. Legally the driver’s side light is the only one required so maybe they will give my a break if I get stopped this weekend.

Another area of concern with Pepe is the EFI system. The more I read about the induction system the more I like it. With gas around $5 bucks a gallon (for the good stuff), I need fuel efficiency in my hot rod. I have a little hesitation around 1100 rpm’s but it goes away as soon as you give it some more fuel. I found a shop in town that can help me so that is my next stop. The quick starts and fast throttle response is a welcome change from the carburetors of the past. I can’t calculate the fuel mileage due to a non-working odometer so that is next on the list after the tail light. I am sure all will work out with the above problems and Pepe will be roadworthy soon.

Stay Tooned!

Yes, it is a Ford and Gary uses it to clean the snow off his driveway in MN. Bob-O is jealous as his 1936 Oliver is not quite finished. Where is the snow Gary?

The roadster boy’s showed up at Old Juan’s on Friday for a good lunch and some bench racing. Steve’s 40 has caught Pepe’s eye. Maybe Steve should call his flamed 40… Lucille. They would make a cute couple.

Now this is me. All you need to do is add motor and trans and start driving it to the “Office” for staff meetings.

For special meetings where the brass are in town I would take my Sunday roadster to the “Office”. The color is very nice with the black chassis and wheels.

Track roadsters always require a second look as I find them to be the true old hot rods of yesterday. This one is priceless.

Dual master cylinders are not a new item as shown here on the little roadster.

The wife loves woodies and the Pacific ocean. A little cool but still and enjoyable Sunday ride to Malibu. Thanks Walt.

This old 40 rag has been around a long time. Louvers, DeSoto bumpers and Carson style top make it an early custom.

Jim has his dream 40 woody underway so this should be an inspiration to continue on with the project. They do make a pretty woody and are one of my favorite cars.

Today’s Weekend Ride!

It is going to be chilly by the ocean so a closed car is the right choice. This sedan has a lot of history and has undergone lots of different build styles starting with Jim in St. Louis. The current owner resides in Reno.

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