Friday’s Fright

Everything was going great, the day was beautiful, Pepe was running smoothly and the driver (me) was doing some Southern California cruising. A day like today makes you want to drive your hot rod. I had just filled up the gas tank getting ready for the drive to Poor Boys this weekend and was headed down the street to my house when suddenly Fat’s Domino quite signing and the car went silent. Keep in mind, I have only driven Pepe a few hundred miles and have not experienced his personality. As I have stated, the EFI is nice but scares me, due to my lack of knowledge. I was in the middle of an intersection when this happened and my first thought was the computer shut down the engine completely. I regained my composure and tried the old push button (stock 40) again and he started right up as always. I don’t know about you, but when something like this happens I want to know why and how to prevent it from happening again. I made it home without any more problems but I need to find out the problem before heading out on the freeway in downtown LA. The life of a hot rodder is never dull and always challenging. I suppose the same problem could occur with a carburetor induction system and I would not know what the problem was but somehow I would feel more knowledgeable. I am thinking the culprit is in the electrical system so that is where I will start.

I did receive some good news today on other engine problems I have been helping my friends solve. Bob-O rebuilt his 97’s to eliminate a flat spot and he has improved the performance on the old 59AB flathead in his 40 tudor. He is still tinkering with the fix but he is on his way to a smooth running flathead. Electrician Bob also has his 8BA flathead 37 Ford truck running and sounding sweet. The sound of dual glass packs on a flathead brings back fond memories of my high school days, especially at the Drive-In movies when you give it some gas to make everyone know you have arrived.

My next big challenge this weekend will be to ask Dan how he likes his stack injection on his pickup and has he had a similar problem.

Have a great weekend and take the wife to a picture show as we have no Drive-Ins left in our town…be sure to rev your engine to let everyone know you have arrived.

Stay Tooned!


We had a few coupes in our town but they vary seldom drove them to the Drive-In movies. Too small and cold for the ladies so dads car was the date night car.

We you have the best you flaunt it at the Donut Derelicts Saturday morning gathering. No top equals no Drive-In movie car.

Here is Bob-O’s old 36 tub with a Carson style top. These are great cruisers and have lots of room for blankets.

A tuck and roll interior made the smooching department very comfortable….right Bob?

The older guys had the nice Mercury convertibles and chopped tops. This was the creme of the crop and Mandy had the only one in town.

The chopped Mercury was really cool in my day. Tail dragging and loud Belond/Porter mufflers made the Drive-In cruise exciting.

Only the West side “rich kids” could afford one like this. I remember a black and yellow one that was super cool.

The 57 was really for the West side guys. I don’t recall a red one but this one would have been a big hit.

In place of the 270 hp 283, this fellow added a EFI 430 crate motor for more go. Times have changed but the concept is still the same…make it go faster.

On the way to the Drive-In in the Bay area the owner needed to stop for some refreshments for the movie. He could stuff two more guys in the trunk.


The Weekend Hot Rod of Choice!

In 1964 Frank had a Drive-In car and racer for his full time ride. I also worked at the Mobil gas station in high school.

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