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The year was 1965 and I had just completed my college education, married my college sweetheart and moved to Detroit to work for General Motors.  I had fulfilled one of my lifetime dreams.  Being from a small town in southern Illinois, Detroit was a huge change for me.  We didn’t have any friends in Detroit and lived close to the plant in Pontiac.  I soon learned that the city was full of hot rodders both on the line and in management.  I knew I had chosen the right path for my career in the automotive field.  My career was short as I was drafted in the Vietnam war soon after I started working, but when I returned I meet a school teacher named Larry who owned a super nice Deuce three window coupe.  I had a 5 window at the time so we got along very well.  He did all of his own work and helped me improve my painting skills.  We kept in touch for all these years and he is coming to the LARS this year.

Larry has a son a little older than mine who is a car enthusiast also.  He sent along some photos of he and his fathers Deuce sedan that they just completed.  David will keep the flame going in Detroit for years to come.  The car belonged to his father, Larry, who has been working on the car as a long term project and as with most of us, became burned out and David took over.  Larry and David finished the car and can now enjoy the comforts of a nice sedan.  Thanks for the photos.

The weekend brings lots of car activities in the southland.  The Road Kings annual car show is Sunday at JCP in Burbank which is where I am going.  Another long time event, is the Early Times picnic at the Compton Rod and Gun club.  When I lived in Laguna my son and I would go to this one every year and even won ladies choice with Rich’s Deuce hiboy roadster.  These shows kind of warms you up for the big LARS next weekend.  I hope all of you have some car activities planned for the weekend because it is the season to have some fun in your car.

Stay Tooned!


Here are a couple of David and Larry’s hot rods.  Larry builds them in his garage and only sends out for the upholstery work.  David has a very nice 8 car garage for his toys. He also owns a 46 convertible which he purchased from Lobeck and a 34 truck.  The flame is really going in Troy.

You can guess why I like this one.  The Deuce sedan hiboy really has all the correct stuff that he likes and with the Lobeck chassis it rides like a dream.

You can see the Winters QC sticking out from under the gas tank as well as the Functional Fake Buick Drum covers.

A new leather interior has been installed for the planned longer trips this year.  The steering column is a Tri-C tilt model.

While looking at ebay last nigh I discover this phaeton.  I lived in Minneapolis when Jim was building this car for a customer in TX.  I liked it so much that I had him build me a chassis and do some of the initial work on the body.  I was into the smooth look and the billet posts in those days.  I got transferred to LA and never finished the car. Jim was a young man with some amazing talent in those days.

You see these types of chassis for sale at the LARS swap meet.  A good frame with good numbers will be worth whatever you have to pay for it.  I started Lucy with a chassis like this one.  I guess it is O.K. to add a repo body to one of these chassis.

Max will be there with his rebuilt 39 transmissions.  He can make them work like new.

Forty Ford gauge panels and dashes bring big bucks at the LARS swap.  I wonder if Drake is going to be making new gauge panels for his 40 coupes?

If you want a Deuce 3 window there will be several for sale.  You need a big wallet for one like this.

Early Friday morning and the cars are being staged for the show.  I am guessing this is where the swap meet will be this year.

If you prefer 5 windows there were several for sale.  I wonder if the new reproduction 5 window will be on sale?

Today’s Roadster….Dreaming!

I know some of you like the later high end builds so here is a Moal built roadster that rides on a torsion bar suspension.  Denny drives this one all over the country.

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