Friday’s Friends and Family

I always try to remain positive in my life even when events take place that can bring tears to my eyes. Recently, I have experienced some close friends who have gone on to their final destination. Being 75 years old, I can’t help but think the future may not be as long as I would like it. Living my life each day to the fullest will provide me with no regrets when that day does comes. Many families are left to dispose of the cars as no one in the family really wants them. I am always willing to assist them by listing them on my site. I try to make them visible to my readers which are world wide. There is never any charge for the listing or commission. I do this to assist the seller to put their car in the face of people who share the passion for the old cars. All prices are the owners not Pewsplace. I always strive to find a good home for these cars and a qualified buyer.

We have had picture perfect weather and except for a small fire near our home we have had a wonderful fall. Working in shirt sleeves and shorts sure feels good. I am looking forward to the holidays and being with my family and friends. As I have done in the past few years, I will be away from my keyboard in December and will return on January 4, 20016. It has been a wonderful year for Pewsplace — attending several events and meeting lots of new friends. I’m sure 2016 will be even more exciting starting with the GNRS in January.

Friday’s Thought—Life often leads us down some unfamiliar roads and rather than turning back, move forward  and see what lies ahead. You will be surprised at what the new road offers.

Stay Tooned!



January is showtime and George (32) and Gary (37) have two beautiful Hot Rods to put on display.


Here is a collection of Model-40’s that should be in my garage.


Ray sent along a beautiful fall photo of his 33 hiboy roadster. This is one I should have finished and kept but there is always the next one for me.

B & C255

George and Gary have been traveling in Deuces for many years as shown here with their matching roadsters at Lake Tahoe.


Kirk had a very traditional roadster some years back and I had the privilege of see in it in person. I prefer the hood on but the motor is worth exposing.


My high school dream car but I couldn’t find one that my dad would purchase. He was a GM man all the way. Like father like son.



Jim is smiling because he knows his 40 Woody will soon be in the Malibu Christmas Parade.


Billy built a fantastic chopped Mercury but couldn’t resist a very nice offer from abroad.


A slammed 40 sedan always looks good and goes down the road in style.


A little different Deuce from AZ was a big hit at the Deuce show. Lots of neat one-off items like the rear nerf – bar.

pleasanton 2014 002

Long time Hot Rodder and all around good guy, Fred White, has reached his final destination and he will be missed on our “Back Road Boys” trips and by his friends in the Central Coast Roadsters. His 36 Ford was a frequent traveler with his club and mutual friends. RIP Fred.

Friday’s For Sale Fords


The interior is like brand new and is done in a horseshoe pattern.


Sitting just right in a nice Cream shade with a Maroon top.


The car has a MII, 350/350, 8″ rear end and is priced at $55K. Call Rob @714-788-6438 for further details.


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