Friday’s Friends

I have been away from my keyboard with a bad neck and shoulder problem which prevented me from typing. I am better now and have a new MacBook Pro to bring me into this century. My old computer just wouldn’t get the job done anymore and has now been retired to the garage.I’m still in the learning stages so hang in there and I will get back on track this week.

I visited my family  this past week and had the opportunity to visit some old friends. The projects and completed cars of these friends are just amazing with the quality being at the top for pro or home built Hot Rods.Both George, Steve and Tom have keep their Hot Rods for many years and makes me wish I could have done the same. Having your same roadster that you had in high school is really saying something for one’s ability to keep something he loves. We also stopped at Steve’s house to take a peek at his new roadster. Yes, he has purchased a completed roadster that is just about perfect now that he has detailed the car to the max. The fires prevented us from seeing some other old car friends, but thankfully, they are all safe with no damage. The fires have taken many lives, homes and cars and I so sad to see the devastation that fires can bring. Rebuilding will be tough for older folks so if they need some help, please let me know.

Friends are friends for life so make sure you take time to keep in touch. Tomorrow may be too late.


Stay Tooned!



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Walsh Restorations built this amazing 40 pickup for his granddaughter and she helped with the build. A baby Hemi powers this dropped axle pickup.

The side boards add some nostalgia to the old farm truck.

Tom and Justin have a “Race of Gentleman” project underway that will please the old-timers in attendance. They used period correct parts and pieces to make sure it qualifies.

Tom’s own personal roadster he has owned since he was 16 years old. Driven hard all these years and still looks brand new.

Rick updated his wheels on his sedan for the look that I love.

Don has a lot of Hot Rods and this Woody sure looks ready for the beach.

Roy just finished Scott’s 5-winder and shipped it off to Sid’s for his usual fine upholstery.

Jane and I stopped by Steve’s on the way to the Bay Area to look at his new roadster. The car uses a Boyd chassis and Wescott body to make it a standout roadster. The car is very detailed and well built.


Clean little 40 delivery looks good with WW’s, cap and rings.

Orv can build 40 sedans that excite me. Beauty from a Beast.

Many of you may remember this 40 coupe by Bob Oney. A trend setter at the time.

My first roadster when I moved to LA. New house with no yard or pool yet. Rich loaned me his to sell for him. Built by CSR in HB. KB V6 in those days (84).

Lot of current styles incorporated into this nice roadster.

A rare 33 Cabriolet makes a very nice driver with both a top and windows.

Thoughts on dropping a 40 coupe with air bags!!

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