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The Hot Rod community is made up of a wonderful group of people who share their passion for modified cars of their choice. I have lived all over the US and have always been accepted by acknowledging my interest in Hot Rods. It seems that once you make friends you are friends for life. Much like Facebook, where you really don’t know your friends very well, but they treat you like one of the group. My friends Gary and George become close friends by sharing the passion for old Fords and the building and driving them all over the country. It seems you really bond and get along no matter the difference you may have. Friends seem to join in and stay connected expressing their opinion all cars as well as life in general.

Friends seem to help each other during the build process whether it is parts that are needed or advice on how to do something you need help with. I have relied on these two friends for much advice over the years. In fact, Gary owned Pepe for a short time and put it back on the road after a slight engine fire. He still recalls how he installed some of the items I just removed during Pepe’s engine rebuild. Yes, friends are a true asset in the Hot Rod community.

I’m sure you can all relate to the importance of keeping in touch with long time friends and making sure they are still in good health. I often pick up the phone and say hello and ask how they are doing on their latest project. How about you? Pick up that smart phone and place a call. You will put a smile on both of your faces.

Stay Tooned!


Enjoy this special event with your family!

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As we prepare for the LARS, I realize that these long time friends have been staying with me for many years. We always enjoy the days before, the day of the show and the days in between. We are looking forward to the 2017 LARS. The adult beverage of choice is the Fat Tire brand beer.

This was the 48th anniversary plaque we all received.

George drove his nice 3-window for a visit. He is on the right in the above photo.

Gary, who is on the left in the above photo, will drive his early 80’s built phaeton which I love.

For most of us, this is how it started in the 50’s. A group of guys who had the passion for Hot Rods and pretty girls.

A pretty lady was always welcome to help repair your Hot Rod.

Boyd was a very influential person in my life while employed with General Motors. He left us too soon.

Jim Smith, of the Hot Rod Garage, was an NSRA acquaintance I meet in the beginning of NSRA. We still see each other and he has one of my old sedan deliveries. His 34 sedan encouraged me to build my 34 sedan with a Potter trunk.

A recent friend, fellow GM employee and very talented young car builder is Cory Taulbert. Show here with his wife Ashley and their beautiful classic Deuce roadster. He is a trend setter.

Over the years I have been a fan of Roy Brizio and his beautiful Hot Rods he builds. We have been friends for many years.

I have never meet Bob Oney of Ohio Cars but have talked to him and by being a car person we both communicate very well.

Bob and Sandy have been friends for many years and they have owned some of the best out there.

Their sign collection and famous Deuce Grille shell ceiling are all part of their heritage.

Tom Walsh has long been a good friend who answers all the hard questions. He is a busy man and excellent Hot Rod builder — Walsh Restorations in Danville, CA.

I’m happy to report that Pepe’s engine is back together and started the first try. Thanks Donnie for you knowledge and assistance. Tomorrow is test drive day…stay tooned!

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