Friday’s Fresh Start 2013

A new year always has brought me some inspiration toward accomplishment. For some reason, I always feel like I need to succeed at whatever I have chosen to do in the new year. I think this comes from my late father who was always working on something clear up until the end. I, like everyone else, set some realistic goals and objectives that I would like to accomplish and really go after. If you follow this blog you will know that I wonder all over the place (lack of focus) as what it is I would like to accomplish on any given day. I have gone through sedan deliveries, sedans, woodies and roadsters but always come back to the delivery as the base line. In my years of working, I had very little flexibility to change my focus as the automotive market kept me focused everyday for 40 years. Today, the ability to change my mind keeps me from becoming bored or burnt out on a project.

I love building a chassis, but really never enjoyed the paint and body work part of completing a car. I can do patch panels and a little minor dent removal, but I don’t enjoy the process and soon become disenchanted with the whole project. I am at that stage with the delivery and even pulled it outside and worked on the body over the holidays. I want to accomplish the goal of having it completed this year, or ready to sell in case I find a finished delivery that I can enjoy now. I am 72 years old, in relatively good health and still have lots of fire in the belly for hot rods and hot rod events. I feel confident that I can accomplish my goals if I don’t become distracted or sidelined by some insignificant event that may occur during the year.

I hope all of you are planning to accomplish your pursuits and if you do, let me know about them during the year and I will post them. My readers really enjoying seeing what other hot rodders are doing in their part of the country. My blog is read world wide so I hope to have some interesting stories for you this year.

Have a great and successful New Year in 2013.

Stay Tooned!


It was very windy and cold New Years Day but Jane and I drove up to the Reagan Library to take Curvy for a ride. This is a beautiful site and well visited by thousands of people during the year. We are cold and the camera blew off the tripod right after this photo.

I pushed Andre outside to have a good look at what I need to accomplish this year. Lot of work to get the body ready for paint. I did hang the doors and locate all of the body parts that need finishing. The jig comes in handy and will not be sold if I decide to sell the project. Keep your projects moblie so you can move them around to make room for a new project.

We viewed the Rose Parade floats for all of the morning and I offer you this Cars float that most of you saw on TV. We did not see the rat tow truck that was used in the parade but” I am going to DisneyLand real soon”.

While visiting the Rose Parade floats we stopped off to see a friends sign and Deuce grille shell collection. He has hundreds of metal signs (all original) mounted in his large garage.

Here you can see the grille shells mounted to the ceiling. Each one is painted a different color. He has been collecting these for years so the investment is not like buying new ones today.

I also stopped by Bob’s house to see how his 40 sedan is coming along. He and I are at the same stage of completion save the body installation which he did yesterday. New Years inspiration comes to all of us. Bob-O was with me and was going home to work on his sedan.

This is the step I hope to reach this year with Andre. The body painted and mounted on the completed chassis really feeds fuel to the fire for most of us. Photo is from the HAMB. Great looking coupe in my mind.

One of my readers solved the problem of the gap on a 40 column and Banjo wheel. He milled off the recession to reduce the gap.

There is still a small gap but it looks presentable and solved the problem. Thanks for the tip. How about the dash in this 33 Ford sedan! Does it look familiar to you?

Here is sedan with a fresh 2 inch chop. The profile is perfect on this model 40 sedan. Note the original dash on the wall.

Inspiration for your roadster in 2013!

Tom Gloy’s, Brizio built, GNRS contender is showing up in every magazine this year. The car is sensational and very different from your normal belly button deuce hiboy roadster. Congratulations to Roy and Tom for the GG’s Hot Rod of the Year award.

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