Friday’s Frames

My favorite part of building a Hot Rod is the chassis construction. I have been building my own for over 40 years. I don’t have the ability to create some of the masterpieces I see today, but I can make them functional and unique in many ways. I learned from my father who always taught me to do it yourself and save money you don’t have. He loved 32 Fords also. The web is full of chassis ideas and you can locate them easy on Jalopy Journal. I am amazed at the abundance of young talent today who can build a classy chassis. In my early years in Detroit I worked with Mike Martens to help him develop the first reproduction Deuce rails. Mike built one of the first hiboys using a Brown Mold Design body and his new frame. He fabricated the x – member to resemble a 34 and sold the heck out of the. The Deuce factory put him out of business with their stamped rails. I have lost track of Mike so if anyone knows his whereabouts I would love to hear from you. I have included a few examples of frames for you to view.

I will also try to feature some garage scenes on Friday. I seem to be going to a lot of them these days. Gary’s very nice garage is shown today.

My fellow friend and mutual 40 Ford lover, Gary, sent me pictures of one of his previous coupe that he painted cloud mist gray. He loves this color and has hooked me and many others with this color. Bob,Tim, BobC, and Sandy. I will shown them on Monday which is 40 Ford Coupe day in Simi Valley.

I am going to view the 40 coupe featured on a previous blog on Monday and will have some detailed pictures for you. Forties are for sale everywhere today for under $30K…you better start searching Craigslist for the deals that are in your town and you don’t know about them.

Stay Tooned!



Here are a few of Gary’s nice Fords. 34 Vicky, 32 3 window, and 32 Vicky. All of these cars are finished and drivable. This is something I have never seen in my garage.


In another garage of Gary’s he has a full fendered Dearborn Deuce that has the look.


British Racing Green, 1979 Jaguar color 3 window that debuted at the Petersen a few years ago. Very, Very nice.


A rare 34 Vicky with Junior’s Red paint that is pure red not orange. Both cars feature full leather interiors my Ron Mangus.


1932 Vicky with all the trimmings sitting on the hoist just in case we need to clean the underside. Chrome suspensions require a lot of elbow grease to keep them nice. Gary drives his cars.



One of my favorite chassis builders is Bruce’s Rod Shop. They are located in the old SO-CAL building in TX. He loves QC and model A springs. The wheels are mega buck reproductions that Poteet loves.


IHRS has made a name for themselves building traditional chassis with dimple holes. Lesky is a former GM employee.


Here is a nice early style frame with excellent craftsmanship. Note welding skills. 36 bones, a third support rod and cross member.


Same frame upright. Looks like a winner to me. Center cross member design is different.


Another frame showing design and execution of the early look plan. Note step in bones.

More modern is Bruce’s round tubing cross member. I like this style the best. More room for exhaust and things.


This a frame for the convertible. These babies are huge and weight a ton. 41 = 48 have the same frame rails and center section but differ in the brackets and bumper holes. When my ship comes in I will start on the convert.



Joe had the right idea, purple paint, white interior, white walls and built flathead. One of my favorites.

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