Friday’s Frames

I have always liked to build frames and thought I might do one more while I can still use my hands. I have a jig and TIG welder and would like to do another 33 chassis. My preference is an original but the ASC rails are far less expensive. And provide nice clean metal for fabricating the cross-members. Ionia has the stock looking center X and P&J have the front and rear ones I like.

Keeping the frame straight after all the welding takes a jig to keep it in place. Good weld knowledge is also required to keep it from twisting or moving once removed from the jig. I have learned to be patient when boxing the chassis which takes lots of welding and is very time-consuming. I may think about purchasing them already boxed if I can find some stamped rails. I don’t care for the 4-piece rails with square corners.

The project will start as soon as I finish the upgrades on Blue. This will be my first How-to series on Pewsplace.

Stay Tooned!


My number one choice is this style from Ionia.

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