Friday’s Frames

Very cold today…36 on the outside thermometer. That is cold for LA. The good news is the temperature in going to be 70 so the Roadster will work in the afternoon to drive down to Orange County for the Goodguys Get Together. Gary has been developing a following in Orange County and fills the fairgrounds.

Each week I try to visit one shop or garage and feature the cars I saw. This week Bobo and I went to Kennedy Boy’s shop to take his Deuce frame to have some work done for his latest project. The place was really busy with customers and cars. Deuces were everywhere and I really enjoy Joe and Jason. The first project I saw was a B-400 with an Eastwood chassis. Pete has probably done more 32 frames than anyone. I always loved the design. SO-CAL has copied it and sells it all over the world. The next project in the shop was 1932 5 window coupe, chopped 3 1/2 inches with an old Deuce Factory frame. Joe changed the frame from an 80’s style to a 50’s style by removing coil overs, Vega steering and adding 56 Ford pickup steering with a Model A crossmember for a Halibrand quickchange rear end. Times do change. The trend in many places is to go back to the way is was when I started building cars. These guys, even though young, have considerable knowledge of what the cars looked like back then. Their father, Bob has quite a collection of cars and is a top notch woodgraining specialist. I am sure he keeps them informed of how it was.

Next week is Del Mar in San Diego County… off again to the show. Saturday is Wavecreast Woody show in Huntington Beach. The week will be a busy. Lots of cool pictures and BS is a couple of weeks.

Stay Tooned!



Loading Bobo’s frame into the truck for our Wednesday shop tour.


Here is Bobo’s latest A/V8 project. The coupe is chopped 5 inches to make sure I can’t ride in the car.


Rare B-400 going together at the Kennedy Boy’s place. Metal work is all done and almost ready for paint.


The B-400 has an Eastwood chassis that looks so good and work really well with stock springs. Joe was notching the rear rails for more clearance.


Chopped 5 window in for a complete rework and finish. Primer or paint, the boys do both.


Early Deuce Factory frame modified to work with stock springs and 56 Ford steering. Remember those boxes. They work good but the Vega is so much cleaner.


Fresh Halibrand quickchange with pull out axles is ready to go back in the frame.


The boys use 36 Ford rear wishbones to hang the spring. They replace the coil over rear with a Model A spring crossmember.

Today’s Ride Dreaming


Mo’s car sure is nice. See Rodders Journal number 40 for details. This was the car to beat on the streets of LA.

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