Friday’s Four-doors

Most folks don’t think of Hot Rods and four-doors in the same sentence, but I do. I think the mor-door has come of age and will be big this year. My thinking has to do with being different. I think coupes, roadsters and tudor sedans are common place in the traditional car world and people who have young families or no families at home would like to have some more space to get in the back seat. If you look at the new car population, very few tudors are registered except in the high end cars(Mercedes, BMW and Audi). Basically these are our coupes and roadsters. A second reason is a four-door is usually less expensive to acquire, but not always. The cost to build is about the same except for acquisition cost so the choice is yours. Availability is another factor (except for reproduction bodies) to consider. The supply side of 70 plus year old cars has about vanished from the countryside and urban garages. Oh sure, you read or hear about a garage/barn find but they are fast becoming scarce to the vintage tin hunter. Companies like Brookville and United Pacific can provide a beautiful reproduction body for about the same as a purchasing and restoring and old one, but some folks still like the original bodies.

Four-doors are not only in sedans, but also convertible sedans and woodies which are some of my favorites Hot Rods. They are a little harder to locate than the sedans but are not all that pricey to acquire if you really want one. The build cost is a little higher due to the top, wood and required inner structure to keep the cowl from shaking while going down the road but done correctly (Fat Jack style) you will have a sure winner. I doubt that the four-door will ever replace the coupes, roadsters and sedans, but you will see more of them being built than in the past.

The week ends with very little to report on the on-going projects of my friends but now that the GNRS is coming up the fire will begin to burn hotter. For those of you in the bitter cold country, relax, stay warm and come out to the show and warm up.

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Here is a very nice restored four-door that is ready to drive and is for sale. Let me know if you have an interest. The car was in the Lynn Williams collection a few years ago and is very nice. Price is $40K.

The engine purrs like a kitten and will receive as many comments as a SBC.

If you like Hot Rod sedans then you will love this SRM cover car with Cadillac power and all the goodies to go with it.

New wheels borrowed from a Brookville roadster project changes the look to the vintage side of the spectrum. I like it.

Terry had this one for sale and it was ready to go with lots of good “Patina” for the old dudes to talk about.

If you want to really have fun, chop the top, add some wire wheels and red oxide primer. Now your talkin’!

A 34 mor-door is also a very good looking hot rod as shown above. Just lower the lid, add some Appletons, full disc covers, Desoto bumpers, whitewall tires and your done.

Oh my! A nice 39 tub with Carson style top being built in NJ. Bob-O wants this one.

FJ built this one and it still ranks number one with me. How low can U go?

A super convertible sedan with a dropped axle and mono leafs put this one on the right course for a perfect “Date Night” high school cruiser.

 Today’s Ultimate Four-Doors!

Bob is a prolific builder in Ohio and has had a string of nice cars especially woodies. Which one do I drive to Wavecrest or Santa Cruz?

2014 Dream Project! Does this qualify as a roadster?

Just came in on Facebook. If I could build one like this and leave the top open I could have the best of both worlds. How much is this one chopped?

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