Friday’s Forty

I have been busy replacing my gas BBQ with a new stainless steel model which should be an easy job. As usual, the installers could not get it to work so I called Southern California Gas company and they fixed the problem in about 5 minutes. I wish all service people were as helpful and knowledgeable as the man who came and hooked up the BBQ properly. I know it is the same in the hot rod business. You really need someone to work on your car that knows what they are doing. You don’t mind paying the price if the job is done correctly. I wish there was a 1-800-hotrod repair line like the 1-800-dentist source for competent repair shops in the hot rod business. I use Frantic Fred as he has always done the right fix for me. Finally, we will have hamburgers on the grill tonight.

A friend of mine stopped by today with a first class 40 coupe he has been building for the last few years. I have shown you bits and pieces of the build but he now has the car finished and it is beautiful. Cars of this caliber do not come cheap and require the best in the business to perform top notch work. My wife fell in love with the car and the subtle little touches that my friend has added to the coupe. Like most of us who build cars when you have one completed to your taste you start looking for something else to sink your teeth in. I don’t know what he will build next but I will feature it on Pewsplace.

Ruby and I will head to Forty Ford Day on Sunday to see more 40 Fords. The show attracts a couple of hundred forty Fords which takes me all day to view and photograph. Jane loves the show and finds lots of cars she likes. This will be the last voyage for Ruby and me as she is going to a new home. I will have to step up the pace on Andre if I am going to drive a hot rod this year. Maybe something will strike my interest at the show.

Is there a 40 Ford in your future?…I hope so.

Stay Tooned!


A very striking red with WW’s and a perfect stance make this little coupe a standout in a sea of black 40 coupes. Everything on this car from the new chassis to the perfect body work and engine are done to perfection. I love the stance which can be adjusted in a matter of minutes. (not air bags, but coil overs front and rear)

The car appears stock on the outside and looks killer going down the highway. Everything is fresh and tidy. The undercarriage is a clean as the top side.

The engine compartment is filled with a 383/425 crate motor coupled to an Art Carr 200r transmission. You can eat off this engine and feel safe.

You have all the creature comforts your need in the cockpit. The radio grille flips up to expose the stereo system which sounds great. Two high end bucket seats with a center console provide a clean look to the interior and more importantly makes driving like riding in a new Lexus.

I know I am a 40 fan but how could anyone deny the fact that the 40 deluxe sheet metal is one of Henry’s best designs. If you would like some more information on this high end 40 coupe, please let me know.

Cory stopped by the ocean to take a quick photo of his new deuce on the drive down the coast. Keep in mind this young man is all of 25 years old.

John wanted know what the back of the Doane clone looked like and this was the best photo I could find. It has the stock frame horn covers attached in the normal fashion.

I think this a car that originally came from the LA area and was updated to the present condition by Sid. If I am correct the original car was a primer red oxide, bias belt tire, pre-war built hiboy.

Tom Medley had his burnt coupe in the HRCS booth showing the amazing work by this talented shop. The car is really coming along nicely and could use our help to finish. That is Randy in the background.

I have never seen so many men stop looking at cars when this young lady walked by. She was a pleasant distraction for us old guys.

Today’s Winter Front!

If you want a winter front for your Deuce they are now available for a much lesser price than an original. I think they were $3800.


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