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Another favorite Ford of Hot Rodder’s is the 1940 model. All styles seems to be popular with the coupe being the most sought after. I can remember in High School several of my friends had coupes with hot Flatheads, Oldsmobiles or Caddy engines. Stock transmissions were used along with the closed driveline rear axle. Of course, changing the transmissions and installing new axle keys were an everyday occurrence. It seemed most of them were Black or Maroon with tuck and rolled pleated interiors done by a shop in Springfield, IL. My father and I used that same shop to have my Chevy interior done. Dropped axles, whitewalls and highly detailed engine compartments were also very popular. Chrome accessories were purchased from JC Whitney and added as the budget allowed. Some of the older guys would leave the hood off to expose the engine compartment and was thought to be really “Cool.” Convertibles were rarely hot rods in my town as Winters were not fun in an open car and were not very popular. I had my eye on one but Dad didn’t think it would be wise car to modify. He was right. The plentiful sedans were not popular and thought to be for old people, but Rodney Owens had a beauty with a huge rake (model – A rear spring) which we all thought was ridiculous. I don’t recall any Woodies during my youth but I’m sure there must have been some. Wood in the Midwest wouldn’t last long with the Winters we experienced.

Over the years I have owned most models except the Woody and would love to have my last car be a Woody. For me, I think the sedans and coupes were about equal except for the later years when we had to children to think about on our cruises. I ended up falling in love with the sedan delivery as it suited my needs and my son’s surfing days. I am sure many of you love the 1940 models as they are a pleasure to drive with lots of interior space — Could there be a Forty in your future?

Stay Tooned!



The standard models are the favorite of many who love the Forty.


Yosemite Green is a nice color on a Forty but seldom seen.


A Black Forty with 5-spokes is hard to beat for looks.


A high end 40 at Canepa’s was sitting just right with Orange steelies and blackwalls.


A dressed Flatty is hard to beat for looks.

40 motor

The SBC is the most popular engine in a Forty.


The sedans make a wonderful cruising Hot Rod for the family of four.


   Flames on a Forty are what makes them stand out in the crowd.


You will see lots of Black Forty sedans on the road. Inexpensive, plentiful and functional make them desirable.

56 6-9-05 260

Perhaps the fastest Forty on the planet is being refurbished at SO-CAL for serious racing.

paso 003

The Forty truck is very popular today and command some high prices when done nice.


A super nice truck but that front grille will soon be damaged with no bumper.


Bruce always has some high end cars for sale and this Ray Brown creation is one of them. Outstanding workmanship and details.


Bob-O has a cool ride that is finished in his mind. A 4″ chop helped the look of this truck.


Again the SBC leads the way in most Forties.


Adding a 4-barrel really helps the performance of the Flatty.


The Deluxe panel has been chromed and upgraded to 12 volt.


The Standard panel has been converted to12 volts and looks brand new.

AW 40 Ford 001

This aftermarket panel really looks good and works in conjunction with a more modern built style Forty.


Simple is best for a Forty convertible. Add a dropped axle, dual exhaust, some big and littles and you’re done.


Stock seating is fine in the front but a little cramped for big ones in the rear seat.


In my youth this would have been a killer custom Hot Rod!


Studebaker tail lights and skirts add to the period of build. Nice!!

1940ford2 008

Sitting by the ocean, walking with your sweetie in the sand, is what makes a perfect day.


I have seen this concept Forty and it is very well designed and executed. HWY 99!

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