Friday’s Forty

My wife and I made a pre-run to Solvang yesterday to see how long it would take and also to see some of the beautiful scenery along the way. The day was mixed with clouds, sunshine and rain but we had a wonderful time in the beautiful cities of Santa Ynez and Solvang. You could spend a few days in this paradise and really relax. I have several friends in the area and we will visit some of them on our roadster boy trip next week. We finished the day with shopping on State Street in Santa Barbara and had lunch at Tom Walsh’s son’s new restaurant the Snack Shack. The food was really good and the location is right in the middle of shopping paradise for the women. The pulled pork sandwich is wonderful.

On the way home, I started to think about my friend Bob-O who was on his way to look at a 40 sedan I found for him on Craigslist. I was wondering if he purchased it or passed. It seems that Craigslist cars are always located far from home but that doesn’t stop Bob-O. He loaded up his truck and trailer and headed to Las Vegas. As it turns out, the car was a gem and he now has another Lyon blue sedan in his driveway. I inspected it this morning at the “Office” and it is truly a 47K mile survivor that will make him a great everyday driver. The car has Coker Classics, a new Painless wiring kit, a good running 59AB engine and great rust free sheet metal. The price was a bargain and now he can make it his. Bob-O loves hot rods and has wanted a good sedan for a couple of years now. One of his first cars was a 40 tudor and he never forgot the good times he had in the car. The fire continues to burn and hopefully will remain burning for many years to come.

I hope to do some work today but the humidity is very high and the heat makes it a slow process. Have a great weekend with your cars and family.

Stay Tooned!


My friend Bob, (not Bob-O), has his 40 sedan going back together this week. He had the frame sandblasted and is in the process of painting the parts. He chose to paint rather than powder coat his chassis. By methods provide a nice clean chassis to work with.

I need to do this to Andre but I am not one who likes to cut holes in primo sheet metal. There must be a better way.

Still in the trailer at the “Office” today was Bob–O’s new 40 tudor. I may donate him a dropped axle so his nose doesn’t bleed. This is truly a low mileage stocker and mild hot rod.

When you take your trailer and cash then you know you are going to bring it home. There are a lot of the sedans available for a very reasonable price. Today’s economy is making them a true bargain.

An all original interior is useable as is. Add the JC Whitney seat covers and you are home free. The turn signals work fine and the signals are located in the instruments which are 12 volt.

A rear hot air heater has been installed and works great. The alternator will be changed back to a generator for improved looks.

Andy purchased a nice sedan project and turned it into a first class ride.

This stocker sold for low price and could be used as is. Rust free sedans in the LA area are quite common and very reasonably priced in today’s market. These can be purchased for under $20K and you can drive them home. What are you waiting for?

If you want a real early look with flames and Mercury hubcaps then this one might work for you.

If you like the look of the stock pattern then this one will please your taste.

 Today’s Buy!

Another Craigslist tudor that sold for $10K and you could drive it home.

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