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I have been down in the back so I had some time to do some thinking about what I want the interior to look like in Andre. I fell in love with the CMG delivery at Forty Ford Day and took a lot of photos of the interior. It seems a commercial vehicle should have a simple interior and Westminster Upholstery did a wonderful job on designing the interior. The seat, door panels and rear storage area were done is a very subtle style and subdued material that complemented the CMG paint. I think the interior color and design are one of the most important choices you have to make after choosing a color scheme for the exterior and chassis. I have posted the photos below to see what you think of the design, color and execution.

I sent my rear brake backing plates and drums to J&P to have them blasted and will pick them up today so I can paint them over the weekend. My new wheels also arrived for the rear and I have a decision to make about what color to paint them prior to mounting the tires. The final step will be to install them on the chassis and roll the completed chassis out in the drive way for the first time in over 6 months. This always attracts the neighbors who are eager to see what that old rusty hulk looks like after many hours of hard work. I can’t wait to show her off to the non believers.

Finally, I want to thank Steve for looking at a car for me. I prefer to look at cars in person but sometimes a good friend can save you lots of time and provide you with a good inspection report. If any of you need a car inspected in the LA area I will be happy to give you a detailed report. These reports are free.

Have a good weekend and take the grandkids for a ride.

Stay Tooned!


The dash has been painted CMG also rather than the Briarwood Brown. The deliveries had a deluxe instrument panel with a standard dash. The interior looks very comfortable with a stock sedan seat, arm rest and square weave carpet.

The simple pattern on the door panel is close to the convertible style but the two vertical seams are closer together.

Bob Kennedy did the woodgraining and it is right on the money. I like the color of the interior with the woodgraining and brown color handles.

A delivery had a wood floor with metal rub strips that are missing in this delivery but still looks good. He did utilize the stock screw pattern and side strips to hold down the side panels. Note he has upholstered the wheel wells which were exposed in the stock units. The wheel housing strips are also stock and hard to come by.

The vertical seams are carried through to the rear side panels and look simple and clean to me. Note the rear door is not upholstered as original. Mine will be upholstered due to some poor metal work in the past.

Here is the reason I like stock seats in a delivery. Note the early look and simple design of the upholstery. The seats need to be redone and beefed up but they can be made to be comfortable. The delivery came stock with one or two bucket seats so you could use a more comfortable seat if you prefer. I prefer this look but the wife likes the buckets.

The engine compartment had lots of goodies to suit the owners preference. I will choose the more mundane look with painted valve covers (67 Chevrolet) and painted accessories. My radiator will also be painted black.


I first saw this car at the Orange County Fairgrounds a few months ago and fell in love again with the sedan delivery.

I know the stock taillights stick out like Mickey Mouse ears but they look good to me and you can see them from the rear. Both brackets are reproduced by Wescott. The large license plate just clears the rear door when open. The rear window is fixed and does not allow for circulation.

Today’s Forty Find!

Here is another low mileage CMG 40 sedan that is for sale locally. They seem to be coming out of the woodwork. I don’t think the CMG color was that popular in the 40’s but it sure is being utilized today on many forties. I love the color.


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