Friday’s Fortitude

I will have to wait for our autumn to show up as it is  over 100° in the Valley today. I have been out running around chasing down some weld nuts to install in the frame rails. I did my homework and found them at Fastenal and Grainer. They both indicated they had them in stock but when I visited both stores they were out of inventory. So much for searching the net prior to leaving home. It still pays to make the phone call to ensure they have inventory. I believe in brick and mortar stores, as I like to support our local businesses, but I guess I should just call Summit and have them on my front porch tomorrow. I am thinking they should produce a T-nut that slides in from the top and has a nice round plate to weld to the frame rails. Most of Henry’s frames have 1/2″ holes and use 3/8″ carriage bolts to secure the body to the chassis. I use a thick webbing under the body to prevent squeaks so the 1/8″ top plate of the T-nut would not affect anything. If anyone knows who offers these let me know. I have been to Grainger, Fastenal, McMaster-Carr and they do not offer such a nut. A friend suggested I use a large square nut but I haven’t seen them in a long time. SO-CAL welds 3/8″ bar stock beneath the holes and then drills and tap them when installing the body. I guess that’s O.K., but I don’t have a drill and tap holder to make sure the holes are straight. Not at big deal, but a time waster on such a hot day.

The CHRR (California Hot Rod Reunion) is the end of the month and is always a good time with lots of racing and cool Hot Rods in attendance. The facility requires lots of walking but is worth the effort. We are trying to secure enough interest to make it a day trip for our group.

The weekend is yours — so enjoy it!

Stay Tooned!



black '32 3WC II 003

Steve had to have another project and picked up this cherry Deuce 3-window as something to keep him busy during the rainy season in Oregon.

black '32 3WC II 001

He builds my style of cars and this will be another one to add to his extensive collection of Deuces.


Here is a nice example of an early built Deuce roadster. Nothing fancy, just loads of fun driving the roads to Deuce Day!


The “other roadster” is also loads of fun and provides old dudes like me with some leg room. Have you priced a set of those headlights? $$$$


Moal builds high end roadsters like this one. His cars are a piece of art and require many hours to complete. He has the torsion bar suspension perfected for these short wheelbase roadsters.

Milwaukee Miller Meet 2006 009

Don will like this one as it is another racer from the past.


From back east, this sedan hit some pot holes on the way to the LARS and tore off his front spreader bar. The car stayed in LA and was put back on the street for all to admire.


Another Model 40 that has been made into a hiboy with the vintage look. Note the steering is on the right side.

1939 Ford Deluxe Fordor Convertible Sedan - maroon - fvl

I have always loved the 39 convertible sedan. Gabe has two of them and drives them everywhere.

Woodies on the Warf 2010 008

Dave has one of the nicest 38 woodies around. He does his own work and had Sid do the interior. The color and wood finish make this one stand out in the crowd.

Woodies on the Warf 2010 079

CMG 40 pickup by Ray Brown showed the boys how nice a pickup can be when you do it right!


Ready to hit the road for some cruising through the mountains is this hammered sedan built by Custom Auto. (Old Forge)


Five windows are the coupes for 2016. I know of several being built in our area both original and UPI!



This hiboy phaeton I think is from back east and was driven out here for the LARS a few years back but I thought it had a 9 painted on the cowl.

Friday’s Photo

bones ROADSTER20361 a

The Rolling Bones build pure Hot Rods and drive them across the country stopping just long enough to smell the roses and observe the beautiful scenery. Good for them!


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