Friday’s Forties

Today was picture perfect for getting work done. I was off early to the “Office” so I could leave early and head to Lowes for some supplies. Yes, I know they sell home supplies not car supplies but somedays the wife wants to see progress. I am happy to say the doors are complete and the wife is making me pizza for dinner.

I did spend some time this evening looking at how I am going to lift the body off the frame on Andre. Jane suggested that I just keep the body where it is and lower the chassis and slide it out. I knew I loved her for a lot of good reasons and this was one of them. I will suspend the body with the cherry picker and run some braces underneath it for support. I will need help on this project and will request some “Office” workers to help me.

The weekend is going to be active with Chuy’s on Saturday night and Long Beach on Sunday. I hope to find some parts I need at the swap meet. I have not been in a while but I do keep wanting to go.

Have a great weekend and go out in the garage and dream…or buy a 40 Ford!

Stay Tooned!


The sacred area of a 40 Ford has always been the drip rails. They can get rusty and fall off which creates a big problem for those wishing to retain the rail. I am one who would never remove the drip rails on a 40 Ford. Here you can see the old rail has been removed waiting for the right metal man to re-install them. (No small task) I once had Dan Fink and Jeff do mine and they came out perfect. Genes Hot Rod parts in Cleveland, TN makes the reproduction units and they come in two pieces and must be bent to conform to the body. The original rails were inserted between the top and bottom sheet metal and spot welded in place. You must cut the body to install new rails although I have seen them TIG welding to the body with good results. Steve Davis, Terry Hegman, Bobby Walden and the Kennedy Boys can perform this task for a fee. If the body is the right deal you can make the rails look like they should.

I had a lot of comments on the widened wheel wells with the stock look. This is how they look stock and are hard to tell from the modified ones. A very good metal man is required to do this work. Frantic can do this work perfect. He is a genius with sheet metal.

This is the first car that the “Trio” built to clone McCoy’s car. Vern is building another up there somewhere but his old one with and orange and while Eddie Martinez interior will always be the original. Steve, the new owner of the third one has it looking really fine with new shoes and a lot of detailing. It didn’t require much to be perfect.

Here is a sample of the 40 coupes that have become available in the past few months. An owner takes the car to the body shop (jail) and ends up with a bill he can’t pay or simply doesn’t want to pay. If you are there at the right moment these cars can be had for minimal investment. You are still a long way from being done but a car like this will make the project easier if you do the work yourself. The body shop offered to complete the paint for another $3K. Make sure you get all the parts even the ones the body shop wants to keep or hide.

Here is a photo of my old coupe which has been in this condition for over 5 years. It has not moved and is not far from being finished. MII, 9 inch, 350/350, Walker, A/C you name it and Bob has included it in his build. A huge investment so far and would make someone a good buy if you could afford to spend another $40K to finish…paint, upholstery, wiring, assembly etc.

Sandy prefers to purchase completed cars for a fair price and spend her time winning trophies. This CMG coupe always brings home the gold.

She went to look at this one and it was a very nice car but missing most of the hard to locate parts $$$. Note the car has been modified in the past… dropped tube axle, lever shocks (70’s), split bones, disc brakes, SBC motor mounts, eight inch, etc.
You could easily spend another $30K on this one chasing parts, painting, upholstery, assembly.

White 40 coupes used to be real popular in my days and this one was a rock solid oldie that sold for under $20K. Yes, a running driving real hot rod with a SBC, 9 inch, solid axle and red upholstery. They are out there if you don’t mind doing a little work to make it yours.

I found this one Craigslist and the owner was asking $25k. An offer of $15 purchased the car. Bob-O wanted this one to drive to the “Office”

Today’s 40 Coupe…dreaming for some!

I know it looks like every other black, red wheel coupe but this one was special and Sandy and Bob held on to it for a long while. A car like this is for the fellow who can afford the best and doesn’t want to wait. Coupes of this quality are approaching six figures these days. The saying goes, you can’t build one for that! The above examples would be a test to see if that is true. I know a couple of guys who are doing these type of cars right now…

Stay Tooned!

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