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I have been working on Pepe all week and thought I would take a look at the Forty Ford that Hot Rodder’s have been building since the early days of Hot Rodding. My roots go back to high school and the 80’s when I replaced a garage full of Deuces with Forties. I prefer the convertible and the sedan delivery but have also owned coupes and sedans over the years. They make great driving Hot Rods and are easy to build with bolt on equipment or even if you prefer, the IFS as you grow older.

I am a firm believer that you don’t need to touch the body style in anyway shape or form. Ford’s Bob Gregorie got it right the first time. No chops, no body modifications, including the dash, are allowed on my forties. Lowering and late model drive lines work the best for me but I have also driven the stock drive train without any problems. Pepe has all the amenities but I  need them at my age. In high school we took the hood off to show the detailed flatty and the white firewall with loads of decals. Rain was a problem but a canvass in the trunk solved the problem. I have found memories of my friend Harry who drove a beautiful Maroon Forty coupe with the hood off. He kept it in perfect shape while in his possession. It has often been stated that the perfect pair of Hot Rods are a Deuce roadster and a Forty coupe. I agree with that vision.

Today’s availability of Forty Fords seems to be plentiful in our area and my friend Dave just picked up a nice coupe to add to his fleet of Hot Rods. Drake’s reproduction didn’t seem to make the cut but the parts from the venture are a valuable asset to those builders who want to build a Forty Ford. I am a big fan of another iconic Hot Rod from Ford.

Stay Tooned!



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For me, a perfect pair are a delivery and convertible.

I am not into customs but many people still prefer the lead sled look in their Forties.

The black custom has a look I could get used to but prefer no modifications.

Skirts, Stude’s, smooth deck lid combined with Cadillac Sombreros  were popular during my era.


The stock and lowered look is just right on the Yellow with Red wheels convertible.

Black with Black top and Cream wheels makes a nice combination also. The top has been massaged to make it flow smoothy with no hump in the middle.

This photo shows how the center bows have been tweaked to improve the profile.

Probably one of the best Forty pickups build recently is this one by Ray Brown.

Note the difference in the front grille on the Forty-One pickup.

Pastel colors also look good on the popular truck.

If you want a great sedan with lots of room then a Forty is for you.

 I have owned a couple of these big boys and loved them. Sedans are very reasonable and plentiful in our area.

The commercial look in a sedan delivery is popular with many owners of this rare model.

The sedan is more practical than the delivery and easier to see out of.

By far the most popular is the Forty coupe in basic Black with Red wheels. Timeless!

Add the 60’s flavor with 5-spokes and you have a different look.

Whitewall’s really add a different look as does the Blue paint.

My dream Woody is one like this with new wood. This is not Jim’s!

Yes, they are still out there in garages across the states. Getting him to sell it to you is another story.

Dave convinced him and now he has a 40 coupe.

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