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I have been focusing on roadsters lately and decided I need to regain consciousness and concentrate on the wonderful 40 Ford that Henry built for all of us to enjoy. Bob-O’s recent purchase of the sedan was my turning point along with the cooler weather and the need for a closed car. We are headed out again next week for our monthly trip so a comfortable ride (like Pepe) is a welcome. The weather may only be in the 70’s (we are spoiled in LA). I have several requests from my viewers to help them locate a 40 Ford. Sedans and coupes are in high demand but also are readily available depending on your budget. As usual, my following prefers the more stock looking cars rather than full blown street rods with all the amenities. It seems the supply side is filled with several 350/350, MII, 9 inch A/C, P/S ,etc, and are priced accordingly… $40-75K. A decent stocker with a flathead can be had for $20-30K and a real nice restored one will bring $40-50K to the qualified buyer. My point is buyers are out there for the right car and the right deal. My old rule comes into play; A nice car will always bring top dollar.

The Deluxe coupes and sedans seem to be more in demand than the standards, but many people are taking a second look at the standard models. I have featured some nice standards built by Mr. Forty (Tim) and he has the knack of making them a standout. Steve and Dave prefer the standard also and both have beauties under construction in their garage. If you are working on any model forty Ford send me some photos and I will feature them. I am partial to sedans and deliveries but love all models of the many that are still out there. Woodies are rare but some turn up now and then for a good price. Tim has basically built most all models which shows me that regardless of your preference, they all make beautiful looking and driving hot rods. Is there a “Forty Ford” in your future? If so, let me know what you locate.

The weekend will be a good one for Pewsplace as my number 1 daughter is coming home.

Stay Tooned!


After the Woody, the convertible seems to be priced at the top end of the market. This one is $65K.

A full blown street rod 40 rag is very desirable to many. Stance is important for a convertible.

The shape of the top is very critical to having a 40 look in proportion to the rest of the car. I like this one with reworked bows.

I like this one with a little rake and stock appearing exterior. Mercury wheels and hubcaps were popular in my youth.

Here is your basic black hot rod 40 coupe. Americans were in but scarce in the 50’s. I had a set of real magnesium 5-spokes on my Corvette and loved them (except for the polishing).

The 40 pickup is much sought after today by hot rodders and restorers. Not much room in the cab but they sure look good when lowered and given a little attitude.

A stone stocker has quite a following also. Expect to pay $25-30K for one this nice.

Here is your basic 40 sedan that is for sale all over the country. Mono leafs, dropped axle and hot flathead make these cars fun to drive.

Jerry built his sedan to go fast and it did. The title he gained was “Worlds Fastest 40 sedan”. The car is till around and looks good.

A 40 woody and wooden boat is about as good as it gets at the Wooden Boat Show in Reno.

Work in progress, this beauty turned out to be one of the best 40’s in recent times. Jim and Ryan will make a debut in 2015 with another beautiful 40 woody.

 Today’s Garage Find Forty!

Yes, they are still out there in garages across the country or perhaps in your neighborhood.  CMG coupe was a great find and in mint condition.

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  1. I have not seen your site until today and really enjoyed going back through your columns. It seems you have a burning love for 40 Fords. I just sold my 40 Ford Fordor deluxe resto mod and was wondering if you ever come across 40 4 doors. I know they don’t hold a candle to the coupes and 2 dr. sedans in most peoples eyes but with them starting to become scarce I was wondering how the 4 dr popularity has changed, if at all. being one of the silver haired car junkies I found our 40 to be very handy when taking the grandchildren. The rear suicide doors gives them a decent entrance to the car while eliminating the hassle and scuffs of trying to get into a back seat from the front door. I’ve seen a few Fordors throughout the last 17 years that I have owned mine and was wondering if you ever run across them in your hot rod travels and shows. Thanks so much for your site.

  2. I don’t know where Tim finds all these coupes but, I will bet the NSA does. If only I had the right connections. LOL

  3. keep them 40’s rollin–last std is in uph shop–going to look at a couple of coupes soon–need another to keep me occupied for a few months-my cmg coupe is my wife’s favorite but she kinda would like a black std coupe with some muscle like the last one–will see.

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