Friday’s Forties

The Adjustment Bureau stopped by this morning and suggested I feature Forty Fords rather than Deuce roadsters today.  The big Forty Ford day is this Sunday and should be a good one.  As you know, I am a big fan of the 1940 Fords and have owned several over the years.  LaPalma Park will be full of all the different body styles, both stock and modified.  You can study each style for ideas for your car and decide how to proceed with your build.  Color and upholstery always seem to be tough choices for a builder.  The predominate color for a 1940 Ford coupe has always been black, even in 1940.  I am fond of the color black but the CMG has become my favorite color in recent years.  I think you can paint a 1940 Ford any color and they will look good going down the highway. Upholstery styles really do vary in the Forty but look best when they match the theme of the overall car design.  Regardless of your preference, you can find the one that you like best and copy it.

I love to talk to the owners and listen to their stories about the car.  I always ask “did you build the car?” and many will start with the condition of the car and take you through the entire build.  Some cars were in rough condition when they started and others were in mint condition.  You will hear good and bad tales of their experience with various shops which should provide you with some ideas.  You will see stock, modified and over the top builds displayed at the show.  There is something for everyone.  If you don’t have a Forty you can driver your roadster to the show and still have a great day in the park.

Stay Tooned!


Patina CMG looks good and Bob has turned this once derelict coupe into a super driver.

Mandarin Maroon coupes are also one of my favorites colors for a Forty Ford.  Don’t touch anything on the outside and you will always be in style.

Yes, you will see some Woodies at the show.  They may even be towing a wooden boat.  This looks like paradise to me.

No show would be complete without at least one sedan delivery.  I saw this one at the LARS this year and the car is very striking.

Tim doesn’t come to the show but some of his past builds may show up.  He is keeping the CMG one.  Tough choice!

You know what I think of sedans.  I will have several to look at this Sunday.

Boyd put the Color “Resale Red” on the map in the 80’s & 90’s.  I must admit the cars really stand out in the crowd.  This one has been around for a while and still draws a crowd.

When my ship comes in I am going to put one of this convertibles in my garage.  You need a big ship for these cars.

Totally stock 40 coupes always make me take a closer look.  This is not Mandarin Maroon but a much deeper color called Monaida Maroon.  I like it!

I wonder if Orville will have a new 40 this year?  He builds some nice forties and then sells them to the same customer.

Today’s 40 pickup…Dreaming!

The Ford pickup is a high demand style for the hot rodder and restorer.  This one has the best money can buy.

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