Friday’s Forties

Once you have found your dream 1940 Ford coupe you need to decide what to do with it to make it yours.  Mike, in Oklahoma, sent along some photos of his 40 standard that he had the Hot Rod Garage in Sand Springs install a Vern Tardell hot flathead that he purchased from Steve.  He states “the engine really runs strong”.  I know we all have different taste when it comes to power plant choices but I think you will agree a dressed flathead in a 40 coupe really looks correct.  I have driven strong running flatheads and they compare to a low horsepower SBC or Ford.  I took the photos to our board meeting today and the decision was unanimous; Excellent choice for the coupe.

We also discussed the merits of high flow thermostats and electric water pumps for use in hot rods.  I will be honest I had to google the terms to see what benefit they would be to a street driven engine.  Bob O is considering the water pump for his coupe but really needs more information.  From what I read, the full flow thermostat allows the water to warm up to operating temperature without running hot.  Stewart is the key brand with NASCAR and they indicate they use a Robert Shaw thermostat and modify it by drilling a 3/16 hole which allows the high flow water pump to function correctly at high rpms.  Milodon which is located here in Simi Valley sells a high flow unit that does the same thing.  A normal thermostat has a tendency to stay closed when the pressure from the high volume water pump is moved through the system. The holes act the same way as a washer in the early flathead motors did, they control the water flow and maintain a proper operating temperature without running hot….Say What!

The electric water pump flows a constant amount of water through the engine and radiator and therefore improves the cooling.  I have seen many units on race cars but have not seen any used on hot rods.  The hot rod could benefit from a total electric coolant system that would maintain a constant operating temperature even while cruising the fairgrounds.  Many new cars have this system installed, especially many Foreign brands.  As I see it, the use of electric fans on hot rods is old news, but the use of electric water pumps or coolant systems is soon to be added to some hot rods.  Electric steering is also available but that subject is for another day.

Thanks to Chip and Steve for your questions on the above subjects.  Much more is available on the net so search away.

This weekend brings some great events for hot rodder’s.  The CCC/NSRA show on Sunday is where I am headed.  Neal’s Run, The Roadster Roundup and the Vintage Trailer show are this weekend in the Central Coast area.  Steve will take some photos I hope.  The car season is in full bloom so get off the couch and do some driving.

Stay Tooned!


Mike has this very nice 40 standard coupe that needed some more go so he had the HRG (Sand Springs, OK) install some new life into the coupe.

Here is the motor going in the little standard 40 coupe.  The color is CMG which is my favorite.

Vern built this beauty for Steve who sold it to his buddy Mike and now is finally in service.

The 8BA is cooled by and electric fan and hopefully runs cool even while idling on the freeway or fairground.  I know Henry would approve of this installation.

Fred likes the 4 barrel for his flat motors.  Again, another 8ba with a little more modern look.  The firewall mounted dip stick indicates an automatic transmission for us old guys.

Another Bob has this look in one of his many  40 coupes.  I think they call this motor an overhead valve engine.  I am not sure who produces the engine but they sell a lot of them.

I even like them like this way with the stock patina paint.

Bob has a few spares that would fit in his stock 40 engine compartment.  Time will tell which engine he selects.  The hats make nice air cleaners.

Here is another look that Bob and I love.  I prefer the Chevrolet valve covers but Ed likes the Olds look on the SBC.

This fellow got his dates mixed up the LARS is the week prior to Forty Ford Day.

Today’s 40….dreaming!

Jim loves forty Fords and this was one of his best in a history of winners.  The car still looks fantastic and really belongs in my garage.

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  2. There was a reason the stock radiator fill cap was on a angle,, EXPANSION,,,,

    don’t see it on new radiators,, wonder why.??? Any idea’s??

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