Friday’s Forties

I finished the welding cooler plate this morning.  I only had to make the motor mounting holes square to hold the 5/16 carriage bolts.  My friend Gary told me to use a file and do it myself.  Bob O told me to use an air file, which I received from my friend Chip a few years ago, and make the job easy.  I did all four holes in about 10 minutes.  The “Office” certainly provides the information you need.  Now to assemble the water cooler this afternoon and I will be back in the welding business.

I am still liking 40 Fords and have been doing a lot of searching on the net for cars and photos.  I have a bunch but I thought I could find some new ones I like.  Tim sent in some photos of his newest build and I dug up some photos of Tom’s beauty that was in the November Street Rodder magazine.  Tom had two 40 coupes until Bob O purchased his old coupe back and stored it away in his fleet.  Dave has one he would like to build for someone in his new business to showcase their talents and workmanship.  It seems there is always a lot of 40 Fords for sale and if you can’t find one,  you can call of Bob Drake and order a new one.

What is it about the 40 coupes that attracts so many people?  I think it is a car that can be left alone and always be in style, stock or modified.  Parts are available from Drake and except for the stock seats most items you need are easy to find, EPay, Craigslist, swap meets, etc.  I have a garage full of them that I am going to unload at Father’s day this year along with some 32 sedan parts.  I want one of the Hot Rod TV garages where everything is perfect and clean.  The wife will be happy with this move.  In the past, I could not pass up a part if it was a good deal.  I always thought you can not have too many parts on hand.  I use to collect GM Van steering columns, 57-59 Ford SW rear axles, 40 firewalls and deuce floorboards.  Why, because I always thought I might need them someday.  My friend John, in Canada, has been collecting parts as long as I have known him.  He purchased many of them when they were cheap by today’s standards.  John still has most of them stored away in his house.  I once sold him a deuce roadster body in pieces just in case he needed them someday.  This is the life of the hot rodder.  Have you ever purchased some parts, come home and brag to the wife, “what a deal”?  She always thought you paid too much but went along with you.  Once you went into your garage you discovered you already had 2 of the same thing stashed away.  I plan to do and inventory next week to determine what I do have stashed away.

I better go back out in the garage and polish Ruby as it is Super Bowl Sunday and 80 degrees.  Remember there will never be another yesterday…so  to take the hot rod out for a drive in you live in the West.

Go Green Bay!

Stay Tooned!


Tim has completed this super 40 Deluxe for a customer and is on to the Woody.  He just keeps building them the way he always has and I like his style.

I like the early 327 with non polished Corvette valve covers and air cleaner.  Note how clean the firewall is.  Tim was a racer so headers are a must.

The interiors are always in good taste and include all the amenities you could ever want in a street rod.  He hides all the components so well you would think it is stock.

A rear photo of the coupe shows you just how cool a 40 coupe can be if the stance is done correctly.  Tim has this one a little lower in the front which is the way I like them.  Note YOM plate and stock appearing trunk.  Very nice Tim.

Another excellent builder is Tom in Danville, CA.  He built this 40 coupe for his wife Diane and himself to enjoy on long trips.  They found the comfort of the Deuce roadster a little lacking on the last trip to Canada and decided something larger might be more comfortable.  You need to see this understated 40 to appreciate the work he did bringing it back to life.

Tom prefers the resto rod look and the interior is done in Bedford Cord in a stock pattern with wool carpet.  I have sat in this stock seat and it is real comfy for my old back.

The headliner is a nice touch in the coupe with matching sunvisors and detail lines.  I also like the stock light and switch.  He has switched from standard window frames to Deluxe since this photo was taken.  I think Drake is making these items now.

A SBC occupies the engine bay and is detailed in a typical Walsh style.  The VA front runner system is the way to go but somewhat pricey.  Tom has kept the black and red them in this car and his super three window.  Note stock horns.

If anyone is looking for a primo coupe to build let me know and I will put you in touch with Dave who is looking for a person who would like to have their company, Seabright Hot Rods, build it for them.  You won’t find a better sheet metal car than this one.  He has the complete history of this car from 1957.

Here is the photo of the previous owners, Twins, in the early 50’s.  I love the ducktails and matching shirts.  What a car this would make someone who wanted the best.

Today’s 34 coupe….dreaming!

Another model 40 from the above area is this beauty.  Note the stance, chopped top and overall good looks of this coupe.  The ZZ4 and Halibrand QC make it another favorite of mine.  The chassis is a one off with horizontal coil over rear suspension.

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