Fridays Forties

Tomorrow is my seventieth  birthday so I thought I would take the day off, go to some shops and look at few cars under construction.  The wife said go ahead and go.  I headed to the “Office” to see if someone wanted to tag along.  I often go to shops and garages on Fridays, hoping to find some good photo shoots, but today I ended up helping my buddy with his hot rod.  The car has parallel leaf springs and they all of a sudden, without warning, decided to loosen up and slide off the perch housing.  If you run parallel leafs the main items to check to prevent this problem are the rear U-bolts for tightness.  If they loosen up (they all do) your springs and rear end will bounce around and can cause problems.   In this case the spring clamps were also missing which made it easy for the springs to dislodge.  Lucky for my friend several people in the group come to the rescue and repaired the problem.  When I reached home I crawled underneath my car and tightened the U-bolt nuts, ( they were a little loose but not bad).  I think a monthly check of these bolts would be a good idea when doing a fastener check on your hot rod.  Premature U-joint wear is another result of loose U-bolts.

After lunch, I decided to postpone my trips and just relax.  I looked at my roadster and started dreaming about how I would like the interior to look.  I did a quick search and found a couple of examples that I kind of liked.  The interior in a roadster must be stunning as they make or break a car.  I don’t like any clutter or bling just plain leather with straight stitching.  I have an idea what I want to do but I am not sure about the color.  The wife is good with colors so I ask her and she likes a Camel color with black or maroon exterior.  I like that color combination also.  Someday soon!

The boys were talking about 40 coupes today and specifically about the ones they used to have.  I have only owned two in my life and they both were never completly finished so I kept quiet.  It seems most old folks like 40 coupes and are always on the lookout for a good deal.  The cars are readily available in the LA area and sometimes are priced very reasonable for a driver quality car.  An “Old School” coupe with traditional parts is what most of our gang are looking for rather than a full blown street rod with all the luxuries of a new Tahoe.  I talk a lot about 40 coupes because they are just plain nice to own and never go out of style.

Have a great weekend and take the wife out for a ride in you hot rod.  You can even buy her dinner.

Stay Tooned!


In high school this coupe would have been the one to have.  I ran mine without a hood (when running) and also had the white firewall with lots of decals.  The flatmotr with all the bling you could afford was the correct choice prior to the SBC in 1955-7.  JC Whitney had a great catalog for me to dream.

Joe had quite a collection of cars and this coupe was one of my favorites.  I ran blackwalls and white wheels because that is the color of paint I had left over from the firewall and undercarriage.   Why would anyone not love this coupe?

Black 40 coupes are the rage of most old guys.  I don’t recall seeing a CMG coupe in my town and if I did see one I would have thought is was a ladies car.  I also did not like white wall tires in my youth.  The stance of the little coupe makes me drool.  Notice no trim rings as they were for non-racers.

I remember 5 spokes ( Americans and Keystones) but no one could afford them in high school except the West side guys and they were all Geeks in our minds.  I really don’t remember red coupes being popular in the 50’s…maybe maroon or even white.

Mr. Williams 41 SD has disappeared after sitting in this yard for over 15 years.  This is one of those finds that you just keep going back until they throw you out and then one day you hear they sold it for $500.  A B’ville push car with a full flat motor must have been very cool running around the Valley in the early days.

This Glide seat is trimmed in and early style and would look good in Lucy’s interior.  Note the Bop Top chrome structure.

This is more my style and I think I will add the 40 emergency brake handle to Lucy.

Here is the stock looking seat that has been set back to accommodate a taller driver.  I took the entire package tray out of mine.  I can hardly reach the pedals but thanks to the Glide seat I have plenty of adjustment for Jane and I.

SAR has added a stock dash to their roadster body.  The steering drop is perfect for a period car with no 4 inch diameter Ididit tilt column.  Note the large center hole for a 5 inch gauge similar to stock.

Today’s Deuce Coupe…dreaming!

I have always liked Bruce’s collection of 3 windows but this is my favorite.  He drives this one alot and I shot this picture in Burbank a few years ago.  The car is very simple and looks like it was built for having fun and a little street racing.  Remember those days?

Looking at the car from rear makes one appreciate the” Old Days” of pure hot rods.

I don’t recall any Ardun’s in our town but the sound of this one would make you want one.  Note caster adjustment on bones mount.

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