Friday’s Forethought

We were blessed with a beautiful fall day today with temperatures in the high 80’s. The wife had me working in the garage and the yard. We had a lot of time to discuss cars and she still prefers 40’s the best of all the cars I have owned. She loves to look at hiboys but that is the end of the line. The 40-48 Ford converts are fine but hiboys are way too uncomfortable for long distances at our age. I will always have a place in my garage for a roadster or woody but also prefer the closed car for long hauls. Pepe is perfect and we both enjoy our travels in such a comfortable and dependable car (I am knocking on wood).

I know many of you are preparing for winter and planning some maintenance during the off-season. We really don’t have an off-season in LA. Events are planned during the holidays. I keep mentioning the Malibu Christmas Parade but there are others held on the big holidays during the fourth quarter. I have some required maintenance on Pepe that I will start next week in order to be ready for these events. I dread the paint shops but I must bite the bullet and have the back door repainted prior to the GNRS. I still haven’t heard anymore about the 1940 Ford display but as soon as I do will let you know.

Have a great weekend and drive your hot rod.

Stay Tooned!



Tim used CMG on this 40 Woody. His handy work can be seen on the inner fender panel which is concealed when the fender is installed. Nice work Tim!


Tim built this 40 deluxe using the Folkstone Gray color. He now has two winning colors – CMG and FG.


Tim, the prolific 40 builder, has finally completed the interior on this beauty. Folkstone Gray on a delivery is perfect for the commercial look.


I am not sure what the color is but is goes well with the exterior, stock 40 dash and column.


I think I could live with one like this in my garage. Five windows are great looking in any form but this look is priceless.


I am back on Deuces tonight especially since I have been looking back lately to my youth. Perfect Pair!


Tom was at the CHRR last weekend with his famous roadster. He has owned it since he was 16 and has redone the car several times. He finished this iteration in the early 90’s. I have ridden in this car and it goes down the road like a dream with the QC drone keeping you awake.


The famous Peter Vincent captured these two Deuces at TROG just before taking off down the beach.


Rex pushed a couple of project outside for a better look. I like both of them especially the famous roadster.


The RB has a 40 delivery to push their race car. You never know what you will find in the back of a sedan delivery. I love these cars.

Friday’s Deuce in Black


I really like this hiboy. It is hard to make a Deuce different but this fellow did a great job of building a standout roadster. Simple and very striking!


The single tail light and all black “Bardahl Special” is making a statement. Add the 296 Merc, 39 top loader and a QC makes it my kind of special Deuce.


Not what you inspected – I know but I like it. The dash insert is period correct as is the steering wheel, drop and column. Now we can talk about the interior if you want — but I like it also.


I don’t think my old back could handle these seats for a ride to Pomona. I could sneak a large back support while driving. He sits on the floor to clear the Wanless windshield. SCTA seat belts adds some class.

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