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The month of November brings another family holiday and the start of the frenzy over holiday shopping. Black Friday deals are already showing up in stores and ads on TV. I am watching for some deals on some tools I need but am limited to on-line sales rather than local tool stores except for Home Depot and Lowes. Last year I was able to save some money on a Sawsall for my son. This year I’m in the market for a new vise for him.

I love this season as we have all of our family together for the holidays. My children and grandchildren enjoy a ride in the Hot Rods and looking at my garage projects. My grandson always wants me to show him how the tools work, which is a good sign. The youngster’s today are not taught shop in their schools like when I went to school. I try to teach him how to safely use the tools and he really loves to build things. Maybe a future engineer!

The final two months of the year will go by fast for most of us. Holiday activities normally take up most of your free time so garage time is limited to a few hours a week. My schedule calls for continued work on the top for Poppy and repairing the paint on Pepe in several places. I also have a frame project to work on when I have time. I’m 77 years old and still have the desire to work on cars when feeling good. I have been fortunate this year with having decent health and flexibility in my body. No heavy lifting or crawling around on the garage floor has proved to be beneficial in that regards.

Today I am featuring several different models of old Fords that I like.

Let’s start the Holiday Season with some high spirits and wishful thinking.

“California Dreaming”

Stay Tooned!



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A very stylish 47 Woodie Wagon was built by JHRS a few years ago and showed up in P-Town. Lots of modifications including roof line.

JHRS offers some goodies for your Christmas list. This steering wheel and shift lever would be a welcome gift.

This is their new wide -5 wheel for your ride.

Their Kinmont looking brakes are on my list as is the 5″ dropped axle and dual shock/headlight stand.

JHRS used all of their products for this special build for the SEMA show.

Black Friday Specials

HHR special AMBR contender a couple of years ago.

Current state of the art looking roadster.

Ken’s Brizio built roadster.

Ken Gross’s, Simard built old time looking roadster is still one of my favorites.

Bare Metal Beauties

Chucky’s beauty is still in the bare metal condition which shows his meticulous craftsmanship.

Bare metal condition of the HHR roadster above showing off their craftsmanship.

Chucky’s roadster has a Halibrand QC peeking out of the rear. This car is for sale!

The ultimate bare metal roadster would be nice in the garage with a red ribbon.

I would even settle for an SAR body that Circle City has on their shelve.

Love this bare metal coupe with the Bonneville look chop.

Parts you may want under the tree

The Halibrand Champ is my favorite rear end for a 34 roadster.

The Buick drum adaptions front and rear makes it a Hot Rod.

A 40 Ford frame project would be nice also.

I need this one back for a new Tub project in the future.

I could start a Deuce grille shell collection like Bob has. 32 1932 grille shells on his ceiling.

If Santa can fit it in his sleigh I would love this Woodie project.

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