Friday’s Fords and Fabrication

I spent the day picking up the final metal for the chassis and then cutting it for the last of the boxing plates. I can sure see why people purchase the rails pre-boxed as the work to cut them, fit to the chassis and weld is one heck of lot of work. If I charged by the hour I would have to receive more than twice the rails cost to do the job. The welding takes time in order to keep everything in line but is the easiest part for me. I only have two more to fit and I will be finished with the boxing. I am having a good time learning about starting with a set of bare ASC reproduction rails and building a complete chassis from scratch at 75 years old.

I have been writing this blog for over 10 years so you know I still love the Hot Rods, people involved in the hobby and the friends I have made all over the world. I will continue to write until I forget why I am at my keyboard. I enjoy hearing from all of you and seeing your projects and completed cars.

Have a great weekend!

The Flame will continue to burn on Pewsplace!

Stay Tooned!


HAGERMAN 2015 (2) 057

In response to my Wednesday’s Words Lou and his wife drove their beautiful Deuce 5-window out to Balance Rock (Idaho) for one last time prior to putting it away for the winter.


Scott has the rear end I love to see in a roadster. The QC is just barely visible under the Deuce tank and the stock shocks, wire wheels and the flat motor make it an early influenced Hot Rod.


Some people have their winter projects almost ready for the road or at least a quick drive around the block.


I love seeing a model-40 body being readied for a nice Hot Rod. Very hard to come by, but worth the time spent once you locate one.


No shortage of Buick drums. This age old practice is slowly giving way to the later hidden disc brake kits that simulate Buick and Kinmont brakes of old.


Keeping it simple and clean like this SBC will make it easy to clean and perform routine maintenance. The transmission will be the weak link but they will do the job if you do yours.


Tom has build numerous Hot Rods and they all have the look of a Hot Rod.  I watched Geoff chop this one. I think 3W Larry ended up with this one.


36 ford

This 36 coupe has a great stance and overall profile. He very seldom drives this one to our events but I sure like the looks of Mike’s 36.


A clean flathead in full dress in hard to beat for looks in the early Fords.


I showed you Wayne’s coupe in primer and here it is a beautiful shade of Orange.


The finished product is simply stunning well thought out Hot Rod!

thor 029_std_std

Roy has built some very nice 33/4 Ford roadsters such as this beauty.

thor 045_std_std

I have always preferred the model – 40 over the Deuce but that’s just me.

Today’s Tribute to George Barris 1925-2015


We lost another legend in the custom car world today. He was my hero in the 60’s with his articles and how-to features in the automotive magazines. We visited his shop last January and he was still very active. My condolences to the family.

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