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If you have been following my project sedan build then you know I was searching for a pair of 35/6 rear wishbone spring hangers. I did locate a pair and thought I should make you aware of the use of these old bones. I had a call from a long time hot rodder who advised me that the locating arms were never designed for absorbing the torque (Torque tube removed) of a late model hot rod without being reinforced. They also require a substantial 3rd torque arm to keep the axle from rotating. The spring will reduce the resistance to torque also but I highly recommend the torque arm. Yes, I know they have been used for years on hot rods but with today’s high horsepower engines and panic stops, they require some additional support. PSI made some castings of these hangers and added a thick wall oval tubing to solve that problem. I, in fact, used a pair of Gene’s hangers on my first Deuce 5 window. I followed the build in Rod and Custom that Dick wrote about his phaeton build. He used an Olds rear end and the PSI hangers. If you know of Poteet’s Deuce delivery that Dave Lane built, then you know he reinforced the thin tubing with plate and welded  them back together. While the old school stuff is appealing to many, (myself included) it is not the best technology to use for everyday drivers on today’s freeways without modifying them to increase the strength. I have included some photos of how some people approach the problem.

This weekend is the San Pedro Woody show on Saturday and I plan to attend. I always have a great time at this wonderful venue. They welcome both woodies and hot rods so I plan to take Pepe on his first long voyage on the freeways. The season is in full swing so make sure you attend your local events and support our hobby.

Have a fantastic weekend and drive your hot rod.

Stay Tooned!


Here is the set up using the reinforced 35/6 rear strut rods. Notice the gusset over the cast end and tubing. Many folks split the tubing and insert 1/4″ plate then re-weld the tubing. The 3rd torque arm has not been installed in this photo.

Here is another example of reinforcements being used on the hangers. They tend to break where the tubing joins to the casting. Note these have been fish plated on both sides for added strength. A 3rd torque arm has also been added since the torque tube has been converted to an open drive line.

Here is a very clever adaptation of the bones and torque arm. Bruce’s Rod Shop does very well engineered traditional chassis.

P&J made the process much easier and stronger by offering spring hangers and ladder bars which have been around since the early 70’s. This set up will take all you can give it and has been tested over 40 years on thousands of cars. SO-CAL now offers these brackets in a cast configuration.

This photo shows the 35/6 bones adapted to a 40 axle housing. The spring will help resist torque but I recommend a torque rod attached to the side bells. This is a current photo I took of a chassis Roy is building. No reinforcements have been added so far.

Boyd built this smoothy for Don in the 80’s. This was one of his first pi-cut chassis. The car ended up in Oakland and has been for sale for a long time. I used to drive this around Stanton when Boyd was working on it. The full independent chassis really drove and handled well.

Kevin has one of the cleanest 41 Ford pickups around. H&H flathead and attention to detail make this one a sure winner.

This looks like Bubba’s old roadster that Roy built. It is now in LA and for sale. You can’t walk by this Pagan Gold beauty without taking a closer look. Fenders are starting to look good to me.

You can never go wrong with a plain Jane roadster like this one. Almost everyone stops and takes a closer look.

This is a rust, patch panel free 40 convert that just sold for under $20K. Yes, they continue to show up and you better be ready to purchase as they don’t last long.

Note the fit of the trunk lid on this convertible. You don’t see one this good unless it has been worked.

The Weekend Driver!

The chopped top makes it a little difficult to see the signs so just follow your buddy to the show. Is that a model 40 roadster leading the way?

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