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I have been busy answering questions concerning my sedan delivery I have for sale. I have ads running in Fordbarn, HAMB and Craigslist which attracts lots of potential buyers who like the type of hot rods I do. Most questions concern the condition of the body, how much to finish and why are you selling it. I don’t mind talking to anyone, serious or just curious as I have been in sales my entire life and enjoy the process.

I have some offers to purchase just the body and some interest in the completed chassis. I have learned over the years if you split up the parts you will be left with the parts that are most difficult to sell. The solution is to sell the entire package to one person with the names of persons who would be interested in the chassis. I sold my delivery to Edelbrock a few years ago and Roy sold the chassis to a person who had expressed an interest when the complete car was for sale. I always like to see the car go to someone who will finish it nicely and take the car to the next level. Terry, who purchased Lucy, did just that and I could see the end result which really pleased me. I told him he needed a new shop truck but he has too many projects right now. When you pour a couple of years into a project you would hope someone would finish it. I am very happy with my new completed delivery which in my mind I should have owned 25 years ago. Some dreams just take longer than others to realize.

Have a great weekend and go out in the garage and do a little dreaming….it’s free.

Stay Tooned!


I drove Pepe over to Fred’s to have him check out some items. He is an expert on deliveries. He said it needs a front bumper. I agree.

I have never seen so many EFI systems installed in hot rods as I saw this year at the GNRS.

I always look for the fuel regulator that is mounted on the firewall of most set ups. Fuel pressure is normanlly set at 35-40 # which is high compared to a carburetor system which runs in the 5-7 # range.

The system really looks awesome when you open the hood. I need those top filters screens.

Roy has the SBC four barrel carburetor system engine detail down to a science. He offers this look or the painted look with Moon or Edelbrock accessories.

I am not normally found of changing a 40 Ford dash but this custom coupe had lots of neat old school work done to perfection. He cut down a 46-48 dash to fit.

I do like the 40 pickup and this one was done nicely with chrome wheels and no hubcaps.

C&G raised the floor in their delivery which provides a lot of storage underneath the normal floor. Cool idea.

Some 40 owners are installing the LT series motors in their cars. I wonder how they perform with the EFI?

I have watched this little 40 convert over the years and it always attracts my attention. I admire people who can keep them stock with a modern engine for freeway driving. The altitude is also adjusted which is to my liking.

The Weekend Roadster!

Walt has his roadster back and is driving it. A real Henry body and chassis plus a full flatty make this one a true LA hot rod.

Gabe did his usual fine job on the leather interior. The Auburn dash looks right at home in the modified deuce dash.

The Halibrand is the only thing that makes a roadster of this era look correct. I prefer the natural finish like this one has but polished ones are good looking also.

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