Friday’s Fords

I have been recuperating this week from the show and working on Pepe’. When you buy someone else’s car you will always find things that you would like to change.  While I have followed this car for over 30 years, I had not driven it with the new motor and transmission. The transmission has a shift kit that hurts my back each time it shifts. I visited the transmission shop today and they said they can replace the throttle body with a standard one and the shifts will be smooth again. I am going to have that done immediately and see how the high horsepower motor works with the change. Fred said he can change the side exit exhaust and quiet down the rump-rump in the idle. A .500+ lift cam makes for a serious lumpy idle. I love hot rods with a mean sounding lope but not one that shakes the whole car. The last item I worked on was understanding the EFI system. I am scared to death that it will fail on the road and I won’t know what to do except call AAA. I will discuss all of these changes in future blogs, but for now I am having a great time driving Pepe’.

Stay Tooned!


My friend thinks this engine is the best fit for his new woody project. The stack injection look killer but how do you work on the FAST management system that controls the big motor.

George fit his big Ford motor in his perfect 39 woody. Yes, it is a mouth full, but it all fits.

Ford motors were big at this years GNRS. Valve covers and stack injection come in many different forms. This was a very nice contender for the big title.

Note the valve covers on this big Ford motor. I am sure this was a high point car in the finals of the judging.

The mighty Ardun/aluminum block flatty was looking good in Bill’s new 3 window. I watched the Kennedy Boys chop this one.

SO-CAL built this Deuce Cabriolet and I really like the overall theme they followed. No blitz, just plain quality and detail.

The understated interior looked comfortable and had the SO-CAL signature dash and knobs.

Every show needs a Deuce 3 window or two. This was a very nice rendition with a chopped top and mile deep burgundy paint.

Here is another contender with the stack injection and lots of bling. Note valve covers.

Even the Suede Palace had some nice engines in the cars. This early styled 40 coupe had all the right stuff and a blown motor to help the cause.

Now your’e talking!

Bob-O, Pepe’ and Dave all showed up at Toppers for some great pizza and BS.

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