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The wife and I spent the whole day shopping and dreaming at the Malls. I am amazed at the high tech electronics that are available at the Apple Store as well as many others like Samsung. I am not sure I will be able to keep up but I sure do like the learning process you receive from the young people at the Apple Store. Jane and I both sat down and listened to the salesperson explain the new iPad mini. I need one of these for what reason I don’t know but they are cool and fit in the wife’s purse. Perhaps I could carry it in my hot rod and somehow dial up the GPS section and follow the commands to my destination. While I am a traditionalist at heart, I do like to keep connected with the world and what is going on. I could dial up the local shops on my trip and give them a visit. I know I can do that with my iPhone but the type is so small I can barley read the maps and directions. Of course, I only go to the “Office” everyday so maybe I can wait until my next big trip to secure the mini.

I am far to busy to work on the car this month, plus it is very cold in the garage right now. I guess I will continue to shop until the last day and then relax with the family for the rest of the year.

Stay Tooned and Warm!


I think this one was at Hershey but she showed up today on the HAMB. $12,500 sounds like a great deal if you want a tub.

As seen in my blog heading this understated Deuce sedan has the look I love with a SBC to move you down the road. I have been awful good Santa.

My first delivery was a 1934 and I should have kept it. This one is one of my favorites and used to be in the LA area years ago.

The five window was my second car and while not chopped, I would have liked it to look like this one.

Mo raced this one in the late 40’s and Don watched from his High School window in the Valley.

Just think, it won’t be long until the LARS takes place at the Fairplex. This is the old format which I much preferred.

Crower FI looks awesome on this SBC engine in a Deuce hiboy sedan. This has been replaced with an Olds engine. We are heading back as we grow older.

The SBC can be dressed in a number of different ways. This has the race car look with the dual carbs and front runner system.

GM also offered a ZZ430 limited edition motor which sells for big bucks today.

Wheelers dressed up a modular Ford to look like a dual overhead cam in the 40 Woody. The engine is very wide for the 40 but they squeezed it in by making some interior changes.

Here is a SBC with Inglese injection which looks good to me in a 40 Ford and runs great.

Happy Holidays

From Pewsplace


I wish all of you a  wonderful Holiday Season and may you enjoy this special time with family and friends. Jane and I are very happy to have you as friends of Pewsplace.

I love this old Christmas card from Tom Medley. He is still a great hot rodder and has his 40 back in his garage. Thanks to all who made it happen.


See you next Year!

Stay Tooned!

Not Lucy but a very nice example of a 33 hiboy roadster that is listed on HRHL.



Rearview Mirror 2012

Bill Lindig’s track roadster was the big winner at the GNRS. Long term project went through a couple of owners and SO-CAL made it a winner.

Dennis was trying for his second win with this Moal built roadster. This was my favorite of the show.

Ryan’s 37 was my favorite closed car. Details, stance and color made this coupe a standout in a sea of multi-colored show cars.




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