Roadster Month

Summer is officially here and we are looking forward to driving (not working on) our Hot Rods. Hopefully all repairs have been made and you can enjoy the summer without down time. Pepe and Poppy are ready to go and have been tested on our adventures this month. June brings on more fun with the giant LARS show in Pomona.

Friends from all over the world will be heading to Pomona for a weekend of fun and relaxation. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is what the show is all about for many who attend. Roadsters are the featured Hot Rods, but all makes and models show up for the giant swap meet and specialty car section of the Fairgrounds. This year’s event is being handled differently than past events and promises to be a more friendly atmosphere like it used to be.

I will talk about the show and roadsters for the two weeks prior to the show and would appreciate knowing about all events taking place prior to the show like open houses and available tours. The LARS has been a part of my life since moving to LA in 1984 and have attended every year as a spectator, vendor and roadster owner. Looking forward to this year’s show just as I have for the past 35 years. I hope to see you there.

Stay Tooned!

I met Big Guy Ron at the LARS. What a wonderful person. RIP Ron!
Chris may drive his 34 down and park in the specialty parking area as it is not finished with paint. I believe these rules still apply.
This old roadster still exists and may be in attendance.
SO-CAL  Roadsters still draw a big crowd at the show.
A Lucy look like a like will be at the show.
Roadster owners will take some side trips to the ocean for some great photos.
One of my first vendor displays at the LARS with CSR. Rob’s roadster now Bauder’s.
Convertibles will be allowed to park with the roadsters this year.
Roadsters and phaetons are welcome at the show. There is no charge for owners.
I love the fact that the convertibles will be parked with the roadsters 37-48.
Taking advantage of our beautiful coast which attracts many of the roadster owners from out of state.
Joe’s restored beauty may make it to the show. There is no indoor display buildings so it would be parked with the other roadsters.
Some great looking coupes will also be in attendance in the Specialty Parking area or the LA Coupe display.
Fresh from the Drags this roadster will be a must see.
Different styles will be on display so you can get your ideas for your roadster.
Model 40 roadsters will also be on display but not in the quantities of the Deuces.
We won’t have snow on the ground but maybe in the mountains overlooking Pomona.
Fenders are allowed but many are fender-less.
The all black Deuce look is popular.
Forty Ford convertibles are really nice roadsters with windows.


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