Friday’s Fords

May is officially here and we are enjoying all of the activities taking place for our old Fords. Every weekend brings several choices for us to choose from for enjoying driving our cars. Jane and I tend to like the smaller meets and driving events rather that static display.

Driving the old Hot Rod to and from the event provides the thrill of owning Hot Rod you built from the ground up. I know every inch of the car should something go wrong on the road. Things do go wrong sometimes and knowing your car is important for on the road repairs. Luckily I have very few problems on the road.

The road next week leads us to the mountains for some scenic views and some good food. Now is the time to realize the benefits of all your hard labor. Enjoy ride while you can. Have a great weekend.

Stay Tooned!


Roy built Eric a 4 door Vicky that was a big hit with model 40 lovers.
A 1939 Ford convertible sedan makes a great Hot Rod.
The rear shows the large trunk and boot area in the sedan.

Another convertible with 4-doors is the Phaeton.

A girl driving her roadster on Date Night is a great site.

Another great roadster from across the pond!

One of the nicest 36 delivery’s I have seen lately.

Another shot of the roadster without the top and blackballs.

Another 4-door going together.

Four-doors have started to show up at the runs.

Somewhat rare we have several in our area that are very nice.

Henry was in the process of chopping his famous sedan.
Owned by a friend for a period of time this Phaeton is a real deal.
A Winterleaf Brown coupe really looks good as a hiboy.

The basic Black 40 coupe is a rodder’s dream.

Gommi set the standard for a Deuce Phaeton.

Your classic 5W coupe with wires.
Built by SC this model 40 is a fun roadster to race.
Pull your project out in the snow a have a good profile look.

I like 33’s with fenders also.

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