Friday’s Fords

Temperatures are estimated to be in the 80’s this weekend so there is no excuse for not driving the Hot Rods, especially the roadster. We have had unseasonably weather for the month of March and we deserve some sunshine to remove the cabin fever.

The fever has also left my body after two weeks of a bad seasonal cold. It seems all of my friends have come down with this bug this year and suffered through the agony for a couple of weeks. Keeping healthy is the key to old age and I try to do my best to avoid any sickness in my life. Life is always full of adjustments and I accept the responsibility.

It is also my responsibility to make sure that I use the proper jacks and supports when working under my cars. I have built some rams and use them often but feel I need to raise the car hight off the ground. I have looked at the aftermarket ramps and found some stands that I may purchase to put under all four wheels. The stands will provide clear access on the sides which the ramps do not. The stands will greatly assist my under the car required maintenance.

Woodies in the Valley takes place this weekend in Visalia, CA. Several of my friends are headed there for the first Woodie event of the season. Not a large event but very well attended and lots of planned activities for the group. Photos on Monday’s blog.

Stay Tooned!


The Bedford Built 1940 Coupe




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