Friday’s Fords

Friday was work day for me. It seems that Pepe had a loose power steering belt and rubbed a hole in the lower radiator hose. It is not clear through but leaks when driving. I decided that I would correct the power steering problem and install a new hose. I will take some photos to show the tight quarters.

Keep in mind in a 40 with front accessories the lower hose at the radiator is a job to uninstall and reinstall. The angle is almost vertical from the lower opening and requires some adjustment to fit correctly and not hit the belts. I will do this tomorrow and pray it warms up a little. The lower hose came from NAPA.

Steve and his team are going full steam on the Deuces on 101 show now scheduled for October 10-12, 2019. Please save the date for this special event for Deuces only. Details will follow soon. The team has a great weekend planned in the beautiful Buellton and surrounding areas.

The Early Times Mid – Winter Rod Run is also scheduled for this Sunday February 24, 2019. The members always put together a nice tour and end up for a lunch at Bob’s Big Boy in Downey, California. Normally around 50 cars make the event which makes it a worth while Sunday to drive your Hot Rods to some cool places and shops. The event always starts at Richard Graves shop in Long Beach.

Our first Back Road Boys trip will be held on March 12, 2019 with a trip to Santa Barbara. Details will be sent to participant via our email list. Dick has moved to Havasu so he won’t be joining us this year. We will miss him and his crew of followers.

Have a great weekend and drive your Hot Rod weather permitting.

Stay Tooned!


A cute little 29 hiboy with flames.

A true Hot Rod Woodie Wagon.

The 36 Phaeton makes a beautiful ride with room for passengers.

Hwy 1 Deuces in Buellton will be here before you know it.

The classic 33 3W coupe with a perfect stance and color.

I saw Lil’John in Columbus when he drove back to t he Nationals.

My days building trucks with Boyd are some of my most treasured memories.
These cool JHRS brakes are really trick and work fine.
Going way back this was my old Vicky from the 70’s.

In process cars always are fun to watch being built.
I recently looked at this really nice stock 48 convert.

Even in this winter weather we seem to want to go for a ride.
Sometimes it really becomes to cold for a roadster ride.
One of my all time favorite Woodies was this Thelan built 1946 Ford.

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