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Between the rains and winds I haven’t been able to work on my cars in the garage. This situation hopefully will be improved in the coming weeks. As most of you know, I suffer from a bad back. And while I have improved, laying on a cold floor or bending over the hood, doesn’t work for me.

As we grow older the comfort of a multi-passenger Hot Rod becomes more attractive and practical for our driving pleasure. Today lets looks at some examples of what people have built to haul the passengers in the back seat. Keep in mind that the Phaetons shown are not real desirable for the rear seat passengers unless just cruising the fairgrounds. The front seat is O.K. with wind wings and a set back seat.

The For Sale section is up and running. If you would like to submit your Hot Rod please read the notes in the section. The buying season will be here soon. Never any charge for listing or selling your Hot Rod. I have thousands of readers.

Stay Tooned!


The Phaeton still is a favorite of mine.

The Australian Phaeton has a different body but still looks good.

Rodger’s is my all time favorite of 32 Phaetons.
Bob Drake’s old Phaetion still exists and looks perfect to me.

During the Boyd era several of Thom’s ideas were built by Boyd.
The 34 is kind of my favorite Tub.
Cam has the patina Tub to make your dreams come true.

The 33 is my favorite tub of the Model 40’s.
Sedans also offer the four passenger advantage over coupes and roadsters.

During the smooth era Fat Jack built some killer sedans like this one.

The model 40 also make a great family cruiser.

In the early stages of the chop on Steadfast’sedan.
Yes, 4-doors are popular with some folks.
A little less bling and lots of Hot Rod in this build.
One of the best around is this cherry 33 with an LS motor by SO-CAL Lindig

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