Friday’s Fords

The cold spell really hit most of the US and the wet spell has hit California. All these Polar Vortex spells and storms makes working on the Hot Rod a tough challenge. I managed to list, sell and ship some parts this week but got nothing accomplished on my cars.

Poppy needs a new lower fan belt and Pepe needs a new lower radiator hose. It seems the power steering pump came loose and allowed the belt to rub a hole in the lower hose. I lost some fluid but made it home. Working on your Hot Rod is a full time job to keep them in running condition. I always like to drive them once a week to keep the seals from drying out and the fluids flowing.

As we are now in the second month of 2019, the events start to show up on our SO-CAL Car Calendar. The Early Times Mid-Winter run is on the 24th and is always a lot of fun for our group. The Back Road Boys will going to Santa Barbara for a tasty lunch and some coast cruising. We lost one of our leaders who moved to AZ so we will designate a new tour guide soon. I will continue to do the planning and making reservations. We are looking forward to a great year.

Stay Tooned!


I know some of you are facing some real winter weather and need to be careful in the cold.
My Wisconsin Friends also venture out in the winter months. No top required.
I have a nice pair of SD twilight stands available. Both are for the driver’s side but one can we flipped over and welded to make the passenger side.
Ford had some nice service trucks like this 34 delivery.

I found a 33/4 Past Tech Duvall that has been used but in good condition.

My favorite of Roy’s Teams build this year at the GNRS
I went to see this one last week and it is real nicely done.
Before Winters made tapered axle housings this is how we did it.
Sometimes a chop like this makes driving very difficult and illegal.
I love these fat girls with the on the ground look.
This is my favorite shot of a Deuce on the water’s edge.
This was my one and only Deuce Vicky. I sold it to a good friend.
Some people get it right the first time.
Looks like they are ready for the TROG in Santa Barbara.
Jeff’s 40 is one of the best out there and it’s for sale.
A picture perfect shot of this gorgeous 33 coupe.
The lowly tub is looking pretty darn nice as a hiboy.
Don built another racer from a Wescott roadster body.
Looking forward to the Woodie season starting soon.

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