Friday’s Fords

The Detroit Autorama starts Friday and we will see some outstanding cars on display. The Great 8 will be announced and the winner presented their check and Ridler trophy on Sunday night. This show always has some over the top builds with all the money you have spent on trying to win. The show attracts several of the top builders in the country and is well attended. When I worked with GM we sponsored the show with the big check at the end. Not sure if we still do as I haven’t been in 20 years. I can’t remember the last time a Hot Rod won but their have been a few. Later models seem to dominate this show today. There is a basement show similar to our Suede Palace which has some quality cars. The show is rated as one of the top in the country. I hope to have some photos on Monday’s Bog.

We have had a real cold spell 30-40’s this week and work in the garage is limited to a few hours in the afternoon. I believe I have it all back together and will try to start it today. A new coil wire was required also as the old one didn’t test too good. The cold weather is predicted for another week so I have plenty of time to finish. In the meantime Pepe is leaking oil from somewhere so I will attack the problem tomorrow. Jane is not happy with oil on her pretty designer driveway. Hot Rods require a lot of maintenance just like the wife. She is a trooper thought and goes on every trip we have. Love her for that.

I found a frame to start on but the body got away from me so I am looking for another Deuce body of some kind to build. Probably a Wescott roadster or Phaeton would work. Some of my friends tell me not to start on another chassis but that’s what I like to do and it keeps me busy and healthy. I know Pepe and Poppy keep me busy but I do have some idle time between Blogs and those two. Am I too old?

Enjoy your weekend and I hope the storm out east doesn’t do any damage. If you are at the Havasu Deuce Day send me some photos.

Stay Tooned!



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Ray has Pepe looking outstanding.

Date night was sure fun with this young lady. She loved the roadster and put her hair in a pony tail.

JHRS can build the award-winning Deuces better than most. George’s is a fine example of their work.

Dave captured Pepe at lunch and I need to remove that gas filler door but don’t have the guts to do it. It smells inside.

These fat girls really do excite me if they are a little overweight.

I know you know I love the model 40 Phaetons. This 34 was in the GNRS this year.

YaYa is now in a good home with Charlie. She just cleaned the whitewalls.

This fellow drives this ever year from TX and drops it on the ground.

From Reno, this sedan was always was a favorite of mine. It has been changed now.

I like a simple Phaeton like this one with no fenders or frills.

A Deuce with lots of old style equipment and really cool.

Frank and Jill have a lot of cars but this one is special. He is a LA Roadster member.

The last one for today is this killer 5 window.

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