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The fall weather has brought some relief to the heat and is a welcomed change. I now require a coat in the garage to stay comfortable. Don’t get me wrong it is not cold or long pants weather just plain good working conditions. I want to thank all of you for your leads on a 1940 Ford wagon and especially Rob in Iowa who seems to be the expert on 40 wagons. I think I am up to speed on what should be included for the project and what to stay away from. I have made some excellent connections in my search.

I am back foucused on Andre and the hood latch problem. Dave called and said he had one hanging on his wall that I could try so I stopped by this morning and picked up the part. I now have two different hood latchs that are similiar in shape but are different in length and detail. Neither one fits perfect so I am thinking there must be a third style that my hood requires or my hood has been modified. I can see no eviedence of any damage or modification so I think I will have to make the one from Dave work. Thanks Dave. Topper’s is on me next week. This is the last part I needed for Andre and now he is 100% complete. Time to get going.

Bob-O and I stopped by Bob’s to see how his sedan is coming. We have been trying to find some hubcaps (40 standard) that would fit the Wheel Vintique wheels. I have been down that road before and I found that the only sure fit is to buy the caps from Wheel Vintiuques. The correct dimension for the snap ring is 8.125 which is the original Ford cap. We tried three different caps and none of them worked. What we don’t go through to obtain “the look”.

If the weather continues to stay cool both Kernville and Dana Point will be jacket and long pants events. It is October so fall is here and heaters will be in demand.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm.

Stay Tooned!


Rob sent along some photos of the sedan delivery fender and the woody fender for comparison. Note the top fender’s mounting edge is straight and the delivery is bent down to fit the contour of body. The woody fender is also wider. Thanks Rob.

Here is a look at the two different T- brackets. The difference is in the width and heigth and neither one fit my hood perfect. There must be a third one out there. How would you know the difference at a swap meet. I am making a diagram.

This photo shows the problem with the holes not lining up except in the top. This came out of a deluxe hood.

Here is one out of a 41 sedan delivery which is completley different.

For us Deuce lovers here are the produciton numbers for Ford in 1932. Lots of sedans….good.

The Dana Point Cliffs Resort is a beautiful venue for the woodies. I used to hold my regional sales meeting here and everyone loved the place. I also used to live about 2 miles away and the wife would come down for the dinner. I pushed them to buy the 40 woody from Woodies USA.

Some folks even brought some pumpkins for the show. Notice the lack of windows in this model.

The view of the Dana Point Harbor is very nice when the sun comes out. I would estimate the event draws about 90 woodies and many vendors. The beach crowd loves the woodies.

Some of the participants have a little too much cider and need to sleep it off. The kids need a nap in the afternoon so mom is relaxing.

 Today’s Roadster! (Lucy)

Lucy has a new home in CO and I hope she stays warm in the mile high city. Terry did a great job of finishing the roadster. Watch for a feature in Rod and Custom.


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