Deuce Roadsters

I have met several people in this wonderful hobby of ours that are died in the wool Deuce lovers. I agree that the “Cult” has grown and probably will continue for many more years. Many of us, who relate to the Deuce, grew up with the desire to own a Deuce. Younger enthusiasts fell in love from reading old books or going to events and seeing their dream roadster. However you became attracted to Henry’s famous roadster is unimportant but maintaing that feeling is what keeps the “Flame Burning” in many of us. I still love seeing the Deuce roadster parked at the beach or along side the road. My heart beats a little faster and I always have the urge to stop and take a closer look. Often labeled as B-Buckets or Cookie-Cutters, the Deuce continues to be the most popular Hot Rod ever built.

I have moved on to the Model 40 Fords but still love the Deuce and all it has done for our hobby and Automotive aftermarket Industry. No other early Ford has the same following or loyalty that the Deuce has. I hope to see more new/old examples at this years LARS in June. Roadsters has always been my favorite Hot Rod.

Stay Tooned!




This is certainly a beautiful photo of the Deuce at the Beach.


Joe built a beauty that was also fast. I loved the restored version when it was at the Petersen.


The dual dash panels were unique for the time.


A beautiful detailed flathead motor was Joe’s specialty.


Mo had a fast Deuce roadster in the day also. Note how high it sits in the rear. My friend Don shot this photo in the 50’s.


Here is the restored version which was outstanding and completed by Jack Stirnemann.


JHR built the most copied Deuce roadster with the laid back windshield


Alan has some ideas of his own of how to make the Deuce a little different from most.


Sometimes the old school look is just what the customer wants when building his Deuce. The artist does the concept and the builder makes it real.


Roy built Eric his vision of a Deuce roadster and Niguel made it a hiboy for his taste.


Tom created this vision back in the days and Dennis continued on to be selected as one of the Top 75 Deuces.


Doane was way ahead of the pack with his early vision of a Deuce roadster. Bruce and SO-CAL made it perfect for us to enjoy.


Roy builds some of the best Deuce roadsters in the country. Michael’s red one is on my list as one of the best lately.


Roy can build you any style you like. These special builds can run $200K.


Boyd built his vision of the Deuce Roadster and Walt is the new owner.


Boyd’s suspension made a Deuce ride like a new Cadillac.


Gabe created the design to go with the new look and the rest is history and the smooth look was off and running in the 80’s.


Yes, a true Hot Rodder will always be a favorite of “The Man” who will stop you just to look at your car! LOL!


The early style Deuce roadster continues to be very popular today. Hemi’s are expensive but look great.


I credit Barry with the tire and wheel combo look that he made popular. Not sure he liked the laid back windshields.


Bass continues to build the early style Deuce and I am in love with his creations.


AMBR 2016 made a statement for the “Traditional” Deuce build style. Darryl and Cory made it come true and I was a happy camper this year.


Cory made the dash larger to incorporate the dash panel.


Sid added his award winning upholstery  and the end result was perfect.

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