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March brings out the cars to several events as the season gets under way in many parts of the country. The big indoor shows are over and the outdoor driving events are starting. Goodguys is in Phoenix, Deuce Day is in Havasu, AZ and Coffee & Kix in our area to name a few.  The warmer climates allow an early start and 2016 should be a fun year for all of us who enjoy driving our Hot Rods to these special events. Hopefully, you have prepared your ride for the adventures ahead of you. If not, you better go out in the garage and get started — as the season is here.

The high cost of building or buying a Hot Rod today certainly keeps a lot of enthusiasts out of the market. On the other hand, those who purchased their Hot Rods years ago are able to afford keeping them and redoing them if required. I remember buying several Deuce projects for $300-500 bucks back in the 60’s. Unfortunately, I sold them to finance the next one instead of hanging on to good ones. Our discussion the other day was you can buy a car much cheaper than you can build one. That is certainly true in today’s market with $20-30K paint jobs, $15k upholstery jobs and $50K in parts. Find yourself a stalled project, make a fair offer and save thousands of dollars. You will be riding sooner with some left over cash to enjoy the outings.

I have a potpourri of Hot Rods for you to look at today. I hope you like them and thanks for all the nice comments on the Deuce Vicky blog. They certainly are a beautiful Hot Rod.

Enjoy your weekend by driving your Hot Rod even if it’s only over to Don’s Coffee and Kix on Saturday.

Stay Tooned!


Hend ad 73a

Don sent me an ad from R&C in which the famous Henderson Vicky was for sale for $8,000. Talk about hanging on to your ride as an investment, this is a prime example.


I love to see the Hot Rods from across the pond. These photos were taken when it was very cold in Sweden and they were heading to a show and swap.


A primo 33 Ford 3-window is ready for the paint to start flowing. Perfect stance and unchopped.


The Deuce sedan with a few inches out of the top makes a super nice Hot Rod.


Bob-O drove his beautiful 50 Mercury to coffee today. Frantic is fixing the AC for the summer cruising.


If you like the Adams Hot Rod shop builds then this one could be yours for under $50K.


I snagged this photo from FB and I am assuming this young man is the builder. The car has had extensive chassis and body modifications. Note rear wheels wells and kicked up rear frame rails. It has the JHRS look. (FB photos)


The Corvette engine with shrouding brings back memories of my Corvettes.


Here is a peek at the chassis.


More interior shots of the bracing and frame pickup.


I followed this build on the HAMB and it showed up in Detroit looking perfect!


I love Naked bodies like this Deuce . This style will always be in style with me.


A finished Deuce coupe was also looking good in Detroit. The Cadillac engine with 6 – 2’s also helped the look.

See the HAMB for more photos of the Detroit Autorama.


Cory burned some midnight oil and had his Deuce on display in the show. He has a great eye for building winners with the early traditional look.


Back Road Boy Dave High has his Deuce ready to head to Havasu for the Deuce Show. Purchased many years ago for $300.


Another Back Road boy, Dave Bethards has his 40 rag ready to go anywhere anytime. Purchased in 1975 for $350.


WOW! Moonglow and my HS ride in this super new build. Love those 54 Chevy’s!


My friend Bob-O has this nice 40 standard that is a great driving Hot Rod. Super straight with all the goodies like a ZZ4, 700r4, 9″, MII etc.

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